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11/11 Creative Souls Tribe Conference

It has been said “Life’s a journey, not a destination.” True, but most of us are in pursuit of some sort of destination.  Whether it be a milestone physical achievement, a landmark career or relationship, we are all on the quest for some place we can still for a while. 

Navigating: Life + Soul + Career is about the journey.  For one day, let’s jump into a caravan and navigate the detours, speed bumps, and road blocks on the way to our chosen destination.  Along the way, like any good road trip, we will take in the sights, marvel at the view, celebrate our co-pilots, laugh and revel in how far we have traveled.  

Join us Saturday, November 11 as we unite as creatives, women and travelers on this crazy, sometimes chaotic, mostly wonderful, always a miracle, journey we call life.

*Photography: Rachel Deeb

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