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A Unique Love Letter

Take a few moments to think about what uniqueness looks like to you. Jot a few words down that come to mind when you think “unique”. Maybe it’s a person, maybe it’s a style, maybe it’s a piece of art, maybe it’s a place. 

Did you ever think that YOU are unique? If I had to guess, I would say only about ten percent of readers wrote down themselves as falling into the category of unique.

Tribe sisters, I have news – no one has been on the same journey as you thus far, so going forward why would anyone share the same exact path? YOU are UNIQUE and so is YOUR JOURNEY! Some of us may have overcome similar obstacles, especially if we are following similar dreams. But no one has moved to the same exact places at the same exact time, encountered the same people, had the same support system or has the same background as you.  No one has your laugh, the shape of your eyes, the very same ambition or the same reasons for your motivation. Your uniqueness is a letter that anyone can read just by looking at you!

Recently, I went to a Women’s Conference and was walking into it feeling complacent. I am happy where I am and ever so thankful for how I got to this moment in life, but I felt I was missing the passion behind the everyday mundane. A fire was awakened inside of me, as I realized my uniqueness. If I truly am unique and no one can copy my story, why don’t I pursue the dreams, visions and passions that make me excited!?

Speaking with a friend, we talked about what was holding us back from chasing those dreams that have been placed on our heart and mind. You know these dreams. The ones that weigh on you a little until you take action. The dreams you journaled about many years ago, that you still want, but haven’t taken that leap of faith or that next step to see them come into fruition. She and I began naming the fears and hesitations, associated with those dreams, that hinder us. Seeing that, if you can name those fears, they’re easier to overcome. With her dream specifically, we talked about the fear of failure, but also the fear of not being unique in her journey. “The market is over-saturated with this already.”, “Why would people hire me, when there are so many others already available and successful in doing it?”, “What if I invest in this and it fails?”. I know she isn’t the only one with these thoughts!!!

Oh my sweet friend – Accepting that we are unique is the realization that we will be successful because no one will fulfill the dream the way we can because no one has been or will go on the same journey! “TRUE CREATIVE PROCESS IS WHAT THE LORD IS WRITING ON YOUR HEART TODAY.”-DawnChere Wilkerson.

If you’re like me, maybe you wouldn’t normally consider yourself a “Creative”. If I am being fully transparent, I never thought I would truly fit into Creative Souls Tribe AS a Creative. I work in the corporate world and I just kept showing up to events and meeting friends in hopes that I would find my creative niche. I kept thinking, surrounding myself by diverse women will only make me a better person. My eyes will be opened to other ideas, cultures and passions. But now that I’ve realized the true creative process is sharing what is already written on my heart, I’m ready to take action to accomplish and pursue those dreams in a way that NO ONE has ever done! 

Take heart my dear friends, if this season is not your season to take action, no waiting period is a wasted season. Finances, other commitments, family and maintaining a healthy balance could be impacting the ability to take action. Keep those visions and dreams on the forefront of your mind; journal about them, plan for them, meditate over them. Know that every decision in the waiting can positively impact the active season! Either way, YOU ARE UNIQUE AND NO ONE CAN STEAL THAT FROM YOU!

Let your uniqueness be a love letter to the world. Every season is part of your creative process, which shares with the world what is written on your heart.

Summer is a determined, ambitious woman, living life flawed and unfiltered. She has a heart for encouraging other women to reach their highest potential! Working as a woman in Construction Management by day, allows her to pursue her passion of missions, flying and building personal community!  Summer enjoys her relationship with Christ, travel adventures & (as a newlywed) all the recipe sharing! Accepting all cooking tips and coffee dates at her Instagram @butlesu

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