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Body Positive Session ft. Freya West – An Event Recap


It’s no surprise that body image effects us as women – especially as business owners. Sometimes negatively and sometimes positively.

Last week, 30 women joined together for a night centered around body image and self love. The presentation was given by Freya West at her Burlesque Studio, Delinquent Debutantes. The night consisted of a presentation about grounding and then a mixture of authentic group exercises that really touched on the importance of self love.

The way we carry ourselves throughout our day is so important to the life we are creating. Positive self talk is hard – especially when comparison creeps in.

We feel like we need to impress people. But it’s about being confident in who you are right now in this moment.



Being vulnerable is scary, but when you’re intentional with extending love, you’ll get more of it back.

One of the key topics we covered was grounding. Here are a few highlights from Freya’s presentation:

3 parts of the grounding wheel:

  1. Presence – This is the position you hold in a conversation and your awareness is related to it. Are you concerned about what the other person thinks? Are you really listening to what they’re saying at coffee or are you thinking about your to do list? Show up and be present.
  2. Power– As women, we are taught from an early age to take up less space (cross our legs and fold our hands in our laps), whereas men drape their arms and puff out their chest. Pull your shoulders back and open your chest and heart. When you do this, you show that not only do you believe in the power you possess, but you are more receptive to other people.
  3. Warmth –  This is all about charisma and natural connection to your audience. Whether you are presenting in a board room full of investors or talking with an old friend, use warmth to connect with them.


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