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But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

There’s a photo of me on Instagram right now in front of a hummer limo. The caption is very vague:

“If you’re going downtown, you better do it right.”

What would you think if you saw that post?

I often imagine the story my instagram paints of my life. 

Do you do the same? I’ve had friends tell me my life looks glamorous. There was a time a friend expressed how social I was, how I seemed to constantly be doing the coolest things, with the most fun people.

All I could do was stare at her puzzled. 

I had been going through a season of feeling alone. 

She saw glamorous nights and an abundance of social outings. I felt lack of community, and envious of that other girl out and about on the reg with her flawlessly painted nails. Honestly, I saw my life as boring. 

Do you scroll through your own twitter feed, wondering if a stranger may think you’re silly in that cool, “I wish I was her friend” way?

Have you watched your own Instagram stories to make sure things appear the way you want them to? 

I have. 

Yet with as much time as I’ve spent perfecting my imperfect life for the world, I don’t bat a single curious eye at what anyone else’s perfect life to me, may be like for them. 

Why is that?

Remember what your mom used to tell you when you were nervous about wearing your bikini on the beach?

“Oh honey, everyone else is going to be so concerned with how they look, they won’t even notice how you do.”

I think we may all be strutting around in our social media bikinis.

We’re so concerned over how we’re looking to the world, we don’t notice the girl with a perfect body, has a scar and several bruises on her right leg (That’s from the abusive relationship she’s struggling to get out of). We’re jealous for that other girl’s flawless hair, yet have no idea it’s taken her 3 years to grow it back after being shaved 2 years ago from chemo. The girl laughing with a giant group of friends is attempting to fake away the depression she’s been suffocated with the last several months. Medication is only giving her side affects of weight gain and terrible headaches.

I’m consistently heart broken hearing how low some of my closest friends see themselves.  

Meanwhile, how am I seeing myself? 

Probably just as low, yet if they tried to tell me on one of my darker days how incredible I am, I may struggle receiving it as much as they do when I express it to them.

Are you noticing a trend?

We’re all struggling with something.

We’re all a little or a lot concerned with how the world is viewing us. We’re all living a life with countless moments unseen to the world. How can we possibly expect to get anywhere near an idea of someone’s life, from status updates and posted photos? 

Here’s a challenge:

  • Take a look at your social media for a moment. 
  • Scroll through as if you’ve never met you. 
  • What do you see?
  • Who is this girl? 
  • What is her life like based solely on what she makes public?
  • Is she happy?
  • Is she social? 

Do you maybe even feel a little envious of her life?

We are but a tiny portion of what we share, because all we share is a tiny portion. God made us so intricately, with the most meticulously placed, original details. We are special in ways social media can barely get a fragment of. We struggle in ways so deep, a photo could never capture it. The days may always feel too short, but they are infinitely longer than that tweet we posted earlier. 

So beautiful child of The Highest King, the next time you stumble onto the “lifestyle” hashtag on instagram and feel anything less than the true princess you are, remember this:

Someone else scrolled through your social media today and wished she was more like you.

Embrace your rough days, deep belly laughs, glamorous moments and unfathomably messy hair days with a smile, because you’re the only person who will ever get to be you.

Remember, you aren’t the only girl standing on the beach self conscious over how she looks. So why don’t you try jumping into the water while embracing each intricate detail? They were specifically placed by someone who calls you beloved, perfect, daughter. 

Isis Mena is a singing rock hugger who writes sushi, eats songs, plays worship, and leads guitars. Something like that. She’s the girl who never out-grew journaling. Instead, made it a way to let you know you are original, loved, and never alone. She still acts like every deer is the first she’s seen, loves turning mundane tasks into musical numbers, and believes the only people who can’t dance are those who choose not to.

You can follow her on Instagram as @isisdazzles

Catch her writing at and music on

*Photo by @babybrotherbarkley

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