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Celebrate Your Journey

In today’s society of instant gratification, patience seems to be a hidden virtue. Have you ever looked at your bank account and instantly wished for more money? Have you visited the drive through because you didn’t want to make dinner? Have you ever done a quick fad diet instead of taking the time to plan out meals and workouts? How about comparing your story to the story of your friends (and strangers) on social media?

Let me be the first to say that I am guilty of almost all of these things. I look at others and wonder why they always have work (oh the joys of freelance), or friends taking fun trips and thinking that they must have lots more money in their bank account than I do.

But so what? How do I know what their story is? And just because their story is different than mine, that does not mean it is a better story.

During the past three to four months, I have really been trying to celebrate where I am at. I am trying not to compare myself to others, or better yet, compare my present self to the plans that I had made for myself years ago. When I was 18, I never imagined myself living in Nashville and working in the music industry. At age 18 I thought I would go to college, get married, and be a teacher. So why should I be comparing my present 25 year-old self to the person I imagined I would be 7 years ago?

There is a difference in being content and settling. We should never settle; we should always be chasing our dreams and goals. Sometimes it is as simple as speaking things into existence and having a positive attitude and outlook.

If I am happy, it doesn’t matter that my bank account doesn’t have over five figures in it. If I am confident, it doesn’t matter that I don’t have rock hard abs and a firm booty. My version of success may very well be different than your definition of success. And just because I’m not married at the age of 25 doesn’t mean that I am going to be alone for the rest of my life.

All of our journeys are different, and that’s what makes each and every one of us beautiful. I can teach you things that you cannot teach me, and vice versa. I have learned lessons in my life through my struggles and successes that I can share with other people. I can share what has worked (and hasn’t worked,) and you can do the same. That is how we grow and get better, by sharing with others. Iron sharpens iron.

So even if your life looks different than you thought, that is no reason to not celebrate each and every day you are given. Let’s make the most of the time we have, and learn to find the joy in the little things. Like colored cups at Starbucks, the cooler temperatures creeping in, candy corn being on sale, or Boy Meets World being on Netflix. Praise hands!

Kelsey is one of those people who will tell you that Texas is the best state and Nashville is the best city. She loves traveling, exploring, local coffee shops, and reading. Thankfully she has a job that allows her to do all of these things. She is fluent in sarcasm, wants to be Jess from New Girl, and above all wants to build other women up instead of tearing them down.  All of her social media handles are @riotkelsey and she blogs over at

*Photo by Christy Shaterian

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