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Creativity with Mental Illness

Guys and Gals! I’m so intrigued to have found the website “Creative Souls” and I had to write this to inform you all that being creative has been an eye-opening experience. We need faith these days and this is why.

Recently, I was diagnosed with ‘Borderline Personality Disorder’ and I have to say while there are many downfalls to that condition there are also many more uprisings and it does, at least for me, have a powerful outcome. This can be true for you too, for all of us, even if we are one with our souls, without a mental illness controlling our lives and taking our happiness. When it comes to faith, as a person you must understand there is not any medication for this diagnosis, however, there is certain types of therapy, did you know they have Art and Music Therapist’s?

When was the last time, we listened to a beautiful piece of music, or watched Ice Skating, along with Ballet or just took paint and splattered it on a canvas? Did we try our curiosity out, into playing notes on a piano or singing for a choir? Maybe we should have strung along on a guitar or took that camera to catch beautiful scenery or make a beautiful film? Key word here is: beautiful . That’s creativity. It comes directly from our souls and enlightens us to the ever so cold world around us. It’s our words, our ideas, our minds catching and keeping what could be ours forever: peace. I think it’s the missing link to the seemingly unhappy lives we lead.

There’s a cure for that. As a Borderline, what’s really important to us is to maintain and keep distracted, because when our minds think too often, we get engulfed by a whirlpool of emotions. Although, this may not be true for everyone. However, having such a creative soul, I have come to find my absolute joys of this lifetime, and that’s being creative. I think as a whole we may soon discover that maybe creativity can exchange be the cure for Mental Health. Therefore, I must have faith in knowing one day, I’ll be able to use creative aspects enough to let me cope and that goes for any of those who know the suffering.

For her absolute desire, Kayla created a Facebook page on Borderline Personality Disorder, to raise awareness and provide my own support through creativity, which can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/borderlinesuniteesp/

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