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Don’t Be Afraid to Jump

My husband and I decided to take a leap of faith in our careers by relocating to another state. We were not expecting what came our way shortly after. 

Our relocation was tough for some of our friends and family. Many thought we were making a terrible mistake because we did not know anyone in the new location. Honestly, I did wonder whether or not I was making a mistake. 

Less than one month into our relocation everything began to fall apart. During those times I began to doubt myself. Maybe our family was right. Maybe we were being irrational. 

Things eventually settled down for about nine months. After that, life took us on another rollercoaster ride. One that sent us to a very low place. I asked myself, why was I led in my spirit to move just to keep undergoing such chaos? Am I on the right path?

We ended up homeless.

September of 2018 my family began a journey that would test our endurance for the next seven months.

Due to a job situation, we ended up moving out of our home and bounced around staying in Airbnbs for months. We also stayed in an Extended Stay. For our children, it was an adventure but for my husband and I, it was one of the worst times of our lives.

Things went from bad to worse as we received constant rental application denials due to us moving abruptly from our last residency. You may be saying whoooo….why are you being so transparent?

The lesson and truth lies within transparency. Transparency is freeing. Many fear judgement. Practicing transparency will help you worry about that less. In this, you become more confident, and this creates a chain reaction of growth in other areas of your life.

Our hometown family tried to persuade us to move back, but we just could not. That meant giving up to us. They suggested our children stay with them until we secure housing — so we agreed. It was a very tough decision, but it allowed us to focus.

One day it hit us like a ton of bricks. We needed to get our energy in a good space to manifest what we desired. No more moping and complaining. The decision to do so changed our lives. 

Here is what we did whenever we would find ourselves getting down:

  1. Went sightseeing.
  2. Spent time around people that we felt good around. 
  3. Took nature walks
  4. Laughed more (we created comical videos to laugh at our own situation). 
  5. Trust the process
  6. We focused on manifesting our hearts desires. We did this by practicing law of attraction. We were looking for a home, not just any home. We wanted THE home where we would be for awhile if not forever. We rode through neighborhoods and pointed out what we liked and wanted in our home. We manifested our home in April of this year. Law of attraction is powerful and real.

Troubled times do not mean things are not working out. There are lessons to be learned before you can achieve it.. While growing through these times, make the conscious effort to adjust your energy when you find yourself worrying, sad, doubtful or any other low vibrational emotions.

Trust the process, all is well.

Qwania Dixon is the Founder of Naturalista4me , a natural hair and holistic health blog/platform where she educates on kinky, curly hair care and the importance of caring for yourself as a whole. She is a mother to four amazing kiddos and is married to her husband Evans. When she isn’t blogging you will most likely find her spending time in nature studying its’ healing properties, reading, creating, admiring art, vibing to the smooth sounds of mellow indie music and helping others to discover and live out their soul purpose. She uses her gift as an intuitive empath in her works to help women who are struggling in day to day life to create and live a more intentional and harmonious life. 


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