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Don’t Wait! Celebrate!

I had a friend that said, “If you have good news tell Heather. She is always excited for you.” This is true. I am always celebrating other people’s success. Even if it is a small accomplishment, I am excited when someone achieves a goal. I am a Pilates Instructor. I feel that part of my job is to empower people to become their best self. I see people accomplishing little goals everyday. I celebrate these accomplishments with my clients. When they conquer a difficult exercise they have been working on for a while, I see beyond doing that exercise well. I see how gaining control of specific muscles to perform one exercise; will help them to learn a new, more challenging exercise. I see how those skills can be translated to more confidence. Our successes, no matter how small or unrelated, can be used together to do something bigger. Every success is worth celebrating now.

Pilates constantly asks the impossible of its students. The exercises are challenging. There are times when fear overcomes confidence. There are many times when I teach a client a new exercise and I get, “I’m not doing that” in return. I have said it myself to my teacher trainer. But Pilates persists, and so do I. I have to coax little bits of the more complicated, intimidating exercises out of clients on the way to trying the whole thing. Each time they do a modified version they get better and closer to the full exercise. The small steps come together to create more confidence in the client and their body. Then one day, they have the exercise and perform it well.

Heather is pictured doing the upside down splits on the cadillac. When she learned how to do this exercise after watching a elderly man with Parkinson’s do it, Heather realized she was much stronger than she thought. The challenge is real, this exercise is hard, but she is strong enough to try and succeed.


Celebrating your success is more than just giving yourself a pat on the back. Celebrating your success daily is a habit that we should all pick up. Each little win builds on top of the next to take you to the next level. Even if the accomplishments have nothing to do with each other. It’s like a piggy bank. If you have pennies, nickels and dimes they are not the same but they can all add up to something big.

Whenever I see Sarah, the founder of Creative Souls Tribe Nashville, we often exchange little wins. I have been better about getting into the habit of celebrating my own wins. Even if it’s as little as getting up early. I have seen my clients take their little wins in their path towards physical fitness and translate it into their work and personal lives. I have witnessed people take the confidence they gained in Pilates and use it to get out of bad relationships, get better jobs and try things they never would have before. They tend to be successful in these ventures. The times that it doesn’t work out as they planned, they don’t let it keep them down. They dust themselves off and keep going. They celebrate knowing what did not work and try to find what will work. Many of these people have let celebrating the little wins become a daily habit.

One easy way to celebrate your success daily is through a gratitude journal. I have the Five Minute Journal app on my phone. This app has you check in twice a day and it doesn’t take a lot of time. Taking the time to appreciate and celebrate the little successes is important.

Another way I celebrate my little wins is with the Hustle Hours with Creative Souls Tribe. We meet once a month to work on planning our goals whether, short or long term and problem solve if needed. I love accomplishing my goals for the month. Each of those meetings helps to propel me to the next thing. Each time I check something new off my list I celebrate that accomplishment. I am getting better about letting those little things help motivate me on the path toward my big goals. Even if you can’t see where those little things are leading you, they are worth celebrating. Find what works for you and start appreciating your accomplishments daily.

Heather Holloway McCash is the author of the recently released But First… A memoir of a backwards life. Aside from writing, she is a Certified Pilates, Xtend Barre and TRX Instructor. She is classically trained to teach Pilates through Power Pilates and teaches private, small group sessions as well as group classes. She has had her writing featured on CNBC.com, savetheassistants.com and the internal website for a global corporation. Heather regularly blogs on her website heatherhollowaymccash.com. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband.

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