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Embrace the Present

February. It’s about the time of the year where we think we should be in the swing of things. We should be well along the way of forming habits from our New Years resolutions. We should have shed a couple pounds, saved a couple hundred dollars, and be crushing any other goals we made.

But why is this? Why do we have this mindset? Maybe we need a do over from January. Maybe February 1st was our January 1st. And who’s to judge and say there’s something wrong with that?

What if every month we had a do over? What if we forgot about our mistakes and failures from the past thirty days and just focused on the next 30 days? What if we made smaller, more attainable goals for the month ahead of us? Don’t you think we would be more successful this way? I do.

If God can forgive us every single day for our sins and mistakes, why do we have such a hard time forgiving ourselves? Okay, maybe you forgot your friends birthday. Or maybe you claimed an idea as yours at work when it was really your co-workers. News flash: we all mess up! We are all humans, and that’s just life. But it’s how we handle our mess ups that define who we are. I think we need to learn how to love and embrace our mess ups. Let’s learn from them. Let’s use them as an example of what we want to grow out of, and who we want to grow into. Let’s not hide from the past, but step out in faith. We have forgiveness, so why not take advantage of that?

You may not be where you want to be. And that’s okay. I haven’t been to one single workout class this year, I haven’t cut down on going to coffee shops, and I’m behind on the number of books I wanted to read. But so what? I’ve been spending more quality time with friends, picked up a couple more jobs, and have laughed until it hurt. That is worth it to me. I’m learning to be present. I am not perfect. I am not going to meet all of my goals. I am going to struggle and get lost along the way. But I have a community around me that I am so incredibly grateful for. I have a God who will ALWAYS love and forgive me. I am learning to embrace life when things don’t go as planned. I am learning how to be present, and it is sweeter than I imagined.

Kelsey is one of those people who will tell you that Texas is the best state and Nashville is the best city. She loves traveling, exploring, local coffee shops, and reading. Thankfully she has a job that allows her to do all of these things. She is fluent in sarcasm, wants to be Jess from New Girl, and above all wants to build other women up instead of tearing them down.  All of her social media handles are @riotkelsey and she blogs over at

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