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Event Recap: Becoming Us

On Tuesday, October 9, 2018 The Tribe gathered at Meet + Greet for an evening of intentional connection and sharing.  Creative Souls strives to inspire and connect women in the community and this event exceeded expectations.

Meet + Greet is an innovative, modern work and event space in Hillsboro Village.  Stepping inside this historic home, decorated with crisp white walls and jubilant pops of color, I immediately felt welcome.  The entrance is adorned with a quaint coffee shop and inspirational art is dispersed through the venue.  It was the perfect setting for inviting authentic connection and conversation. Special thanks to Shindigs and Celebrations + Project Girl for our adorable balloons (that were STILL floating 2 weeks later!)








The night began with a simple ice breaker: each person was given half of a letter and tasked to find the person holding the other half. 

Once found, there were a series of questions displayed for conversation.  These light-hearted conversation starters were fun, silly, and in my experience, lead down the path to a deep dialogue with a new friend.

After ice breakers, the group was greeted by the three speakers: Daisy Alexandria Burgeis, Heather Holloway McCash and Jessica Williams. Each woman stood before the group individually and shared their truth about the struggles and triumphs of balancing career, family, health and loss.

Daisy kicked off the event with an inspiring conversation about removing fear and judgement, focusing on individual strengths and silencing the damaging voice inside that nudges us to compare ourselves to others.  Daisy began her dialogue solo but ended it with her six month old baby on hip–an unplanned, moving display of a woman and mother balancing it all.

Heather spoke next and shared her journey from disease to health through the power of pilates and self love. Diagnosed with Lyme Disease her body became weak and through a series of loss in a brief time period, her spirit became equally frail.  Heather walked the group through her journey to self love by way of exercise and intentional self care.  Her words were inspiring, uplifting, heartfelt and left the room wiping tears of compassion from their cheeks.

Jessica wrapped up the evening with a powerful story of navigating grief. After the loss of her mother, Jessica is learning to channel the energy of loved ones lost into her daily life. 

She advocated focusing on who you are becoming and how you will leave your mark on the world. Jessica passed out a handout for thought-provoking questions. 

Jessica’s voice, words and story offered a valuable lesson to each woman in the room.  She motivated us to not only live by our truth, our spirit and our strengths, but also mirrored the mission of Creative Souls Tribe —to live above mediocrity. 

The evening ended with mingling, new friends, and heartfelt connections – as always. Join us for future events by checking out our website.

Thanks to Allison Avalon (@im_just_not_that_girl) for writing this month’s event recap! Photos by Christy Shaterian Photography 

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