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Event Recap: Failure is an Option

Creative Souls Tribe x Nashville Blogging Collective gathered five fabulous women at Pathway Women’s Business Center to share their experiences on failure. Photography by KC captured the evening.

The panel was comprised of (L to R) : Diana Morris, Courtenay Rogers Emerald Mitchell, Sondra Noble, and Micah Rene

Sips + bites were provided by Score Nashville, and Urbaanite gave away guidebooks to the first 5 registered attendees. It pays to be early.

Lisa O’Dell with SCORE Nashville
Ashley Lawal with Urbaanite

Attendees networked, and we kicked off the evening with sharing a WIN with your neighbor. A WIN is anything GOOD that’s happened.

The panel was moderated by Tiffany Perkins of Nashville Blogging Collective.

Here are some of the inspirational takeaways from the panelists:

Emerald Mitchell

  • Be persistent. Passion will always follow you through. 
  • When Emerald started her non-profit, Moves and Grooves, she had great vision and no money. She wrote 50 grants, and none were approved.
  • People don’t fund programs, they fund people.
  • 16 years later, she’s around to tell us about the ups and downs.

Courtenay Rogers

  • Men aren’t afraid to throw out their ideas, ask for money and to take a step forward. Courtenay champions female-owned businesses as Director at Pathways.
  • It’s okay to try and mess up. You’ll learn from it and then move forward.
  • Courtenay ran as the Democratic Primary District 63 Candidate and lost. However, she paved the way for others to follow.

Diana Morris

  • Diana’s job looked great on paper, but I never gave myself permission to change my mind.
  • I had defined my standard of success by other people’s standards.
  • As a personal development coach, Diana asked the crowd – What do you want? Do you trust yourself to change your mind? 

Sondra Dunn

  • As a businesswoman, wife, and mom, Sondra shared snippets on the juggling act of work and life.
  • She read snippets from a Real Simple article discussing the alluring and ideal The Highly Regimented Woman. 
  •  I am a good, kind, inclusive woman. But I don’t care what people think about me. 

Micah Rene

  • Feel the fear. Do it anyway. 
  • Find someone who is worthy of you.  
  • You have to get comfortable being alone. Not everyone will understand your dream, and that’s okay because it’s not for them.  

Remember, failure has happened to each of us and comes packaged in all shapes and sizes. You are not alone. Dust yourself off, and keep moving forward!

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