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Event Recap: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

The Tribe partnered with Beautiful StrengthFinnleys x Christy Shaterian Photography for an intimate evening where we ditched surface level conversations. The ladies sipped + shopped at Finnleys second location in the Gulch. With a special Tribe discount, attendees found lots of goodies for spring. The leopard duster was a HIT.

As always, we kicked off the event with introductions and WINS – anything good that’s happened. We celebrated everything from starting new businesses, showing up to the event, and enjoying the sunshine.

Owner, Dawn Craig, shared her journey of developing inner confidence. Life started with two hippy parents who never had great aspirations for their daughter. Dawn’s pivotal moment was when she realized her father placed his limited beliefs on her. He lacked the confidence that she could go to college, but she proved him wrong.

Dawn shared the details of acquiring her first boutique, with no fashion experience. Dawn didn’t have it all figured out, but she began to listen to her customers and linked arms with her team.

Dawn left us with these tips:

  • DWW – Do What Works and learn to be okay with everything not working out
  • Accountability – find people to keep you on track
  • Scenario Analysis – What’s the best and worst thing that could happen? If you can live with the worst, keep on going.
  • Name your fear – don’t just sit there, but acknowledge it and push through

Annette McNamara with Beautiful Strength was onsite to capture self empowerment photos. “Annette believes that by telling our stories, adding in some humor,  being honest with how difficult life can be and overcoming anything life throws at us, we can all connect and be better humans!” 

The ladies left empowered and encouraged. Here are some of the final portraits! Follow Beautiful Strength on Instagram at @beautifulstrength_org

We’ll see you at our next Tribe event.

*All photos by Christy Shaterian Photography except self-empowering portraits

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