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Event Recap: What’s True About Me?

Authentically gathering with new friends and old is what this community is all about. Refinery Nashville hosted the Tribe and Gaylord’s Relache Spa was our presenting sponsor.
After mingling, noshing on Kinimi Kitchen‘s delicious bites (crowd favorite: pasta), and sips from Red Spirits, we grabbed our seats and prepared for the presentation.
Adrienne Graves shared her story of loss, overcoming self doubt, and transitioning to new seasons of life. She reminded us that we are GOOD. Period. Each of us is uniquely created.
She asked the group, What are some lies you’ve told yourself? Here are responses the women boldly shared:
  • I’m just a stay at home mom.
  • I’m a burden.
  • I’m not worthy.
  • You’re embarrassing. I can’t take you in front of clients at work.
  • This isn’t working. You should just give up.
  • People aren’t safe
  • You’re not enough
  • You’re too much
  • You’re doing this alone
  • Why are you even doing this?
  • You’re too sensitive
Have you said any of those statement? Would you say those negative things to your 3 year old self?
There was a resounding NO heard throughout the crowd.
So, how do we combat the lies? Get out your lasso of truth, and ask yourself these questions:
  • Is it TRUE?
  • Is it useful?
  • Does it speak life?
  • Is this the best version of me? My true self?

If the answer to these are no, then replace that lie with a TRUTH. You are beautiful, loved, qualified, needed, accepted, forgiven, intelligent, and ______. Fill in the blank with a positive word about yourself. Look yourself in the mirror every morning and repeat those words. You’re brave, babe!

Huge thanks to our presenting sponsor: Relache Spa and giveaway basket winner, Josie!

Photos by Tania Ramos Guldi 

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