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Finding Purpose and Identity Through “I Believe” Statements

Our identities are something we love to boil down. Through personality profiles, elevator speeches, life mantras, slogans and mission statements, we search for an understanding of ourselves and ways to concisely convey our purpose. But how do we drill down who we are without losing the big passion points that can’t be captured in a short tagline or in a description of personality type ENTJ? 

I recently journaled some “I believe” statements that represent a snapshot of my heart’s inventory, and these are the elements of my identity and purpose I walked away with:

  • I believe there’s a difference between word-vomit and openness. I aim to be open with my life – to share my story with an intentional transparency that invites others in to know what I’ve walked through, to experience what I’m walking through along with me as I go, and to hopefully know that they are not alone and that they have hope and a purpose of their own.
  • I believe we can feed off each other’s experiences and encouragement to continually realize our purpose and potential.
  • I believe we are all better off when we are honest and when we love on one another.
  • I believe that pain can be our friend and push us to something better.
  • I believe that it sometimes takes a tribe of likeminded and supportive people to help steer us through the pain and towards the prize.
  • I believe that the less we try to fit into one box, and the more we let ourselves float and be who we were made to be, the better we’ll be for ourselves and for others.
  • I believe that God is jealous for me and desires to feed my soul and fill me up with His love, strength and courage.
  • I believe that however we need to care for ourselves, we must do it, because loving ourselves and loving others are not easy things to do well if we do only one at a time.
  • I believe that optimism is my number one coping mechanism.
  • I believe that connection is my number one core value.
  • I believe that people are God’s greatest creation.
  • I believe that nature is His most therapeutic one.
  • I believe in one day at a time.
  • I believe in listening and seeking to understand.
  • I believe that knowledge is power, but understanding is even better.
  • I believe that love is the greatest gift of all.

What do you believe? Try taking inventory of your passions and desires, and see where it takes you!

Tamara builds relationships, serves people, and solves problems. You can connect with her via LinkedIn or Facebook.

*Photo by Christy Shaterian 

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