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Keep Moving Forward


          1. forward or onward movement toward a destination.

“the darkness did not stop my progress”

            synonyms: forward movement, advance, going, progression, headway, passage
           “boulders made progress difficult”


I’m reminded of the evolution of the human existence, when I think of the definition o the word progress; “forward or onward movement toward a destination.” Never, in all of our years of being human, has there been a time when progression was impeded. God may have flooded the earth at one point in time, but the earth and all the life left in it, kept progressing.

Time never ceases, seasons keep flowing, and humans continue to populate the earth, creating and edifying all that we enjoy on this great planet.

You see, what I am attempting to conclude is that progress is about continuance, continuity, and confluence. You may think that losing that job put a damper in your immediate success, but that loss was an integral part of your progress, though seemingly uncomfortable.

That’s why “boulders made progress difficult,” but not obsolete or impossible. You can never cease progress, because that is not how it was designed. Every loss, every gain, every pitfall, every triumph, is a stepping stone in your progress; one cannot happen without the other.

So, when you are feeling as though you have hit rock bottom, or you feel as though you have reached your ceiling in life, just remember that progress says there is more to come; more chances for you to have a ‘do over,’ and more chances for you to triumph again and again.

Always remember, that in this life, ‘boulders may make progress difficult,’ but never obsolete.

Keep progressing my friends…

Dominique is a 31 year old career driven mother of Sydney (3 years old) and Sage (1 years old), as well as an honored wife of Derrick, a local practicing nurse practitioner.  She is pursuing a PhD in nursing in the fall, continuing to teach at local colleges, and be the best mother, wife, and friend, all while riding the waves of unpredictability with living with depression.
Depression may be familial and prescriptions may have failed to work, but she refuses to let this illness stop her from living her LIFE; getting her PhD, continuing to be a great teacher, wife, mother, friend, and a blessing to others.  She wants to break the stigma of living with a mental illness and help hold up the arms of those who are in the fight with her, those supporting those in the fight, and educating those that may not understand what it is like to battle with a mental illness everyday of your life.
She is fighting depression day by day and blog by blog; standing strong for mental health awareness. Follow her journey on her blog: ; through her creative outlet of design: and Instagram: @amentallife and @thecapitolcompany 

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