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Keeping Up with the Joneses

What was your life like before social media? Can you even remember? I’m honestly not sure that I can. And while social media can be a beautiful creative outlet, it can also be a comparison trap that is not as easy to climb out of, as it is to fall in.

Ladies, listen up! Social Media is not real life, no matter how “real” you get. It doesn’t show the silent sobs you make as you think of the mountain long to do list you have after working 8 hours (or more) that day. Or the explosive fight you just had with your spouse that leaves you feeling guilty for what you just said or should have said. So why do we always feel the need to measure up? Why can we not be happy with the real world?  

About 2 months ago my husband and I purchased our very first home, and it is my dream home. The excitement was overwhelming, thinking of all the ways we would make it our own. But those endless possibilities made a quick turn.

It was so easy for me to get caught up in how “complete” so many of my friends’ (and strangers) homes looked on social media. I secretly began to criticize my interior decorator skills – or lack thereof – because of what I saw. The truth is, we moved from a 1-bedroom, 800 sq. ft. apartment into a home almost 3x that size. We didn’t have the furniture – or the money – to fill this space. At first I didn’t care about that, because we were making this into our home, with our style and we were loving it. But then there I was – robbed of my joy and creative ambitions for this home and trapped in the downward spiral of comparison.

I didn’t want anyone to see that all we had in our bedroom was a bed, and that most of my clothes were still in suitcases because we didn’t have a dresser yet. I was letting this idea that I had to have it all together, take away sweet memories I could be making with my husband in our first home! So what if we were eating meals on the floor because we didn’t have a kitchen table yet and were too afraid to mess up our new couch? Those are moments I want to look back on and cherish – not resent. 

All of that to say – don’t let someone else, that you may or may not even know, take away your happiness, your sense of worth, and your sense of self. Chances are, they are struggling with the same demon you’re wrestling with.

I want to encourage you to put down the phone and the computer. Get out in the real world and have real conversations with some of these people that you follow on social media, and you’ll see. We all have things going on no matter how many beautiful, perfectly positioned pictures we take. You are more than your best photograph. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The world should get to know the whole you. Not the social media you. Because that is beautiful. 

Megan has always had a passion for encouraging women to walk in their true calling, and fully embrace the beautiful creature they were created to be. As a lover of the arts, Megan tries not to limit herself, and is always striving to improve her skills in music and writing, while dabbling a little in photography and drawing. If you are ever in need of a friend to enjoy a lovely cup of coffee with, feel free to reach out on her Instagram. @meganryan_ammon

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