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Leading like a Boss


When you think of BOSS – What images come to mind? Are you picturing an older male, wearing a white button up shirt, with a tie, glasses maybe, with a stern look on his face?  Or, maybe, your current Boss at work? What is their posture like? Arms crossed, hands on hips, pointing and gesturing?

When you think of a Leader – What images come to mind? Someone on a horse at the edge of the battle field with an army of soldiers behind them? I think of Braveheart, haha. Do you see someone who is ahead of the pack, leading and guiding people down a path, going somewhere? Do you envision your favorite mentor or teacher that helped guide you and gave you good advice in your life?

Do you perhaps envision a favorite Boss that has mentored, coached, or inspired you in your career? Yes? That’s awesome! I hope you have several bosses in your life that has had an incredible impact on your life! Because being a Boss, as I have had the privilege of holding that “title” for many years, is exactly what I strive to be. Yes, I’m in a position of authority, and I strive to LEAD people to a common goal. A goal that everyone can be successful. 


I’ve worked for bad leaders. Yes, there are poor leaders. And, I have worked for amazing bosses. When I see pictures of the “difference between a BOSS and a LEADER” this is what I find.

I beg to differ.

Being the BOSS, whether in the workplace, within your family, or managing YOU, means that you are in direct control of managing the systems to be successful. Whether it means running a small business or large corporation, every piece of that system falls on the boss. A skilled Boss will help the team run smoothly, communicate effectively, AND understand how their employees are motivated.

People want to feel good about the work that they are doing. They need to hear encouragement, praise, and feedback on their work performance. If you are not receiving clear and frequent reviews on your job performance, then you have a bad leader. They are not leading you to your best performance.

For women, especially, being and becoming the Boss, has it’s own sets of challenges. There is that fine line between being a push over or a witch. I hate this. Being the Boss, and a Girl Boss, is a huge responsibility! It is more than just being in charge. It is taking care of those in your charge – you, your family, your employees, your clients, your partners, your brand.

How to be an Amazing and Hustlin’ Girl Boss:

Be Inspiring

Be a Woman of Integrity

Have Clear and Attainable Goals

Be a Good Example of Leadership

Dream Big and Share your Vision

Crystal Clear Communication: Encourage and Empower

Praise and Give Recognition

Make Work FUN!

Being BOSSY is Powerful! It means you are ambitious, confident, and fearless. You own your purpose and you are not afraid to share it with the world. Let’s show our daughters that Women can be the BOSS, and the big dreams that they have are completely and totally possible! Take Charge, Girl Boss! You got this!

Sweet and Tough, Petite and Mighty, Charity is a lover of all things coffee, glitter, and being the BOSS. Married to her husband, Adam, for 14 years, they share three daughters and future Girl Bosses in training, Chloe, Jenna, and Kaylee. Raised in the Bay Area, California, Charity and her family are now officially, Texans, relocating to Houston, TX from Las Vegas, NV in 2016. Charity is an entrepreneur and blogger, and is passionate to inspire, encourage, and empower other Women, to pursue their dreams, fulfill for their purpose, and live the BOSS life. Check out Charity’s website or follow her on Instagram @getitgirlboss.

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