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Let’s Get Uncomfortable

We’ve all experienced a moment like this – it’s another week day, your alarm clock wakes you up, you open your eyes, stare at the ceiling and dread getting out of bed to start another day over again. Anxiety rushes into your mind before your feet can even hit the bedroom floor. The repetitive schedule of our day-to-day life has a tendency to take over, until one day the routine gets so comfortable that it’s actually uncomfortable. But, even though being uncomfortable can sound quite stressful, it can actually be a really positive feeling because it means we are ready for new growth. 

One my favorite sayings is “If nothing changes, nothing changes”. 

Becoming stagnant with our routines can be an agitating feeling, but when we are self-aware we notice what this particular feeling is telling us – that it’s time to shift from our current routine and begin a new chapter of growth. 

Self-reflection can sometimes seem overwhelming. Often we automatically align self-reflection with picking out our flaws, when self-reflection is actually a form of self-love. When we take the time to sit down and intentionally ask ourselves how we are doing, we can ask ourselves from a place of loving ourselves instead of a place of judging ourselves. If we choose to list out our desires instead of our flaws we will be able to grow ourselves in a healthy way.

When feelings of boredom, unsettledness, or searching start to rise within us it is safe for us to run towards those emotions – we don’t have to be afraid of them. These emotions are preparing us for our next chapter of growth. Whether our goals are physical health, paying off debt, or learning a new skill, all we have to do say is “yes!” and make a commitment to ourselves. If we learn to become fearless when presented with change, we will learn to live our lives to the fullest in continuous growth. 

As women we were created with so much strength, and with it, we have the power to make the positive change we want to see in our lives. We do not have to settle for a life of repetitive routine or living day-by-day to just get by. We have the strength and wisdom inside of us to create a life of abundant joy, endless love and ultimate adventure.

Here are a few things that help me get ready to take on new growth:

• Getting a brand new journal

• Speak positively to myself and killing any negativity with Truths.

• Replace “I HAVE to do this” with “I WANT to do this.”

• Taking time to reflect on the past 3 months and write down what I want my next 3 months to look like. *Don’t be afraid to get specific and dream big on this one.

• Organize my apartment / living space – out with the old, in with the new. Having organized surroundings always helps clear my mind and prepare me for what’s next.

So, you might be thinking “This all sounds great, but how do I keep up with the goals and promises of growth I am making for myself?” The best way to stay consistent and true to our goals is to help each other stay accountable. Share your goals with a friend, your significant other, or even on social media. Write a mission statement to yourself about why you’re ready to take on this new change so when times get tough and overwhelming you can look back on it to help inspire and motivate you.

I’ll close with this – We are never under-qualified for growth. We are never “too far gone”, “in too deep” or “just not enough.” Saying “Yes!” to growth is one of the most powerful commitments we can make. So together, with a little courage and a little faith, let’s step into this new beginning.

Hannah Weeks is local Web and Graphic Designer originally from Seattle, WA. Along with her design business, she writes weekly for her blog, ‘The Evergreen Entrepreneur’. When Hannah’s face isn’t stuck in her laptop, it’s stuck in a book or she’s out backpacking. She’s an adventurer at heart with a passion to live her life to the fullest, all the while encouraging those around her to do just the same. (Photo provided by writer) 

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