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Even with a divorce looming, there are few people who had a better year than Cardi B. Let’s face it, her album was off the charts, she was one of the hottest features of the year, she gave birth to a precious baby girl, her snap back was real, and she even made the most fast-fashion opposed shoppers consider wearing Fashionnova. Although enviable to say the least, I’m by no means suggesting we compare our 2018 to the wins gained by Cardi B this year (or the success of anyone else in our lives). But I think we can use a few of Cardi’s bars to evaluate both the year that’s nearly behind us and the year ahead. 

So, as the year winds down and our timelines are flooded with pics of engagements, winter weddings, people spending the holidays with their families, and so on, there’s one Cardi song in particular that comes to mind, and it’s Best Life (featuring Chance the Rapper). Of the songs on my 2018 playlist, it’s the perfect ode to the end of this year, welcome to next year, and all that we have, and have yet, to accomplish. In the song, Cardi explains that she’s not perfect and she’s been through some things, but she works hard and chooses to focus on how to live her best life. So, no matter what people say about her, what she’s experiencing at any given moment (I’m assuming divorce included), or how her life compares to others, she boastfully exclaims that the only person she’s competing with is herself.

With Best Life in mind, let’s remember we’re our own judge and jury and that, within itself, is something to celebrate. If you’re down about what you didn’t accomplish, it’s okay: There’s still time, and things tend to happen in their own time. At the same time, let’s work on setting ourselves up for success. If your family life is poppin’ and your career could use a boost, celebrate all that you’ve accomplished creating a beautiful family and give more attention to your career in the new year. If you’re the complete opposite, celebrate your boomin’ career and choose to put more effort into your personal life next year. And if you happened to have a year as amazing as Cardi B’s, feel free to give yourself a round of applause because you deserve it. But while we’re championing ourselves, let’s take one last line from Cardi and celebrate and uplift others. While no particular quote or lyric comes to mind, it’s easy to see that Cardi is big on showing appreciation for others and building a supportive and positive tribe. So, while you’re celebrating you, celebrate those around you. Uplift your friends who may need a boost not only during the holiday season, but during the new year and throughout the year.  

And on that note, let’s end 2018 strong, start the new year off right, worry less about how we measure up to everyone else’s idea of success, and focus on living our best life by the standards we define for ourselves. Let’s lift a glass to a great 2018, and have a wonderful new year!

Attorney by day, blogger by night…..When Malaka isn’t sharing her latest fashion finds, she spends her day changing the world, one issue at a time. She’s a news buff with a passion for politics, activism, and volunteering in her local community. When the world gets a little too hectic, she loves to hit the pause button with healthy self-care activities that center around fitness, dance, and travel. Malaka is also the creator of Scales of Style, a life style blog, whose goal is to inspire the modern and urban professional with trendy style tips and timeless shopping advice. Not only does she share her fashion adventures, but Malaka also tips the scales with her rapidly growing blog to include travel, lifestyle, events and all things stylish and creative. You can follow her on Instagram @scalesofstyle

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