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Macy’s x Creative Souls Tribe Event Recap

Women come in different shapes and sizes. Instead of bashing our beautiful bodies, it’s time to embrace them! The Tribe invaded Macy’s at The Green Hills Mall for brunch bites and a panel discussion on dressing your body type. It was a packed house filled with excitement.

Christy Shaterian Photography captured the day.

As always, we kicked off the event with a WIN – anything good that’s happened in your life. The ladies met new friends and were able to champion one another.

 We partnered with a few of our favorite bloggers to discuss the ins and outs of their style. The ladies shared how they personalized their styles, transition from winter to spring looks, and most importantly love the skin they’re in.

Here are some takeaways:

  1. There was a resounding consensus that the women loved to highlight their clavicles. Jasmine shared that she loved to highlight her curves, too!  
  2. Transitioning from from work to evening events can be a hassle, but Betsy and Malaka shared simple tips such as changing shoes, adding a statement piece to spruce up the outfit, or removing a blazer are easy options. Malaka also reminded us to confidently walk into an evening event wearing whatever you like.
  3. Here are some things they believe every woman should own – a wrap dress, quality undergarments are essential, jeans that fit well, a basic white tee.
  4. Layering is a great way to transition your look in between seasons.
  5. Don’t feel pressure to keep up with trends. Half of our panel follows trends, the others ditch them. Do what works for you. Follow the ones you like and don’t stress about the others.
  6. Find outfit inspiration on Pinterest, in magazines and people you follow online, even if they aren’t your size.
  7. It takes time to build a wardrobe. Focus on a few staple pieces at a time and slowly purchase items. Don’t go overboard or get overwhelmed if you’re just starting out.

  • “As an advocate and lover of Goodwill, donate your unworn or old clothes. Our clothing waste has doubled in the last 10 years.” – Betsy Appleton of  @goldwilldigger
  • “Love the body you’re in – no matter the size or number on the scale.” Jasmine Sweet – @jasminekatrina
  • “You can’t figure out what looks good on you unless you get in the dressing room and try the clothes on.” Melissa Watkins – @fabglance

This event would not have been possible without our presenting sponsor, Macy’s. A huge thanks to Manager, Kristan Hensley. Kristan shared about upcoming renovations, private stylist options, and passed out gift cards for all attendees.

The ladies put the gift cards to use, and the bloggers stayed around to help style, answer questions and make new connections.

As always, thanks for supporting our amazing community. Hope to see you at the next event.

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