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Nashville Outdoor Love

If you’re anything like me, you are currently enjoying the crisp fall air through your open windows, pulling out all of your favorite fall boots and soaking up every minute of this glorious weather before it changes to winter. I personally believe fall never lasts long enough, so I find myself getting outside as much as I possibly can during the most glorious season of the year.

Having lived in Nashville for eight years now, I have clearly found my forever home and I like to think I am a pro when it comes to always finding fun things to do around here. One of my favorite ways to enjoy the fall weather is cruising around town on a B-cycle. You can find racks of these red bicycles all over Nashville and the best part is that you can return the bike to any available rack and don’t have to worry about going back to where you started. In my opinion, Sunday is the perfect day to grab a friend, rent some bikes and hit up all the spots on the following #outdoorlove itinerary I have created for you. Here we go!

11am: B-cycle pickup from Centennial Park

I love starting here because I can walk from my apartment, which is always convenient, and also because you’ll never be lacking a lovely view no matter what part of the park you’re in. You’ll find people lounging on blankets in the grass and others reading a book on a hammock they attached to two trees. You’ll see wedding parties and families using the beautiful pond as a backdrop for a photo shoot as you bike around the grounds. Centennial Park always makes me smile.

12pm: Head down West End and stop at a little hidden gem of a restaurant called Americano for brunch. There’s a large covered patio that I’d choose to sit on if the weather is just right. This is a tapas restaurant and their hot cauliflower dipped in blue cheese is a must. (So is the kale salad, and I also love their brussels sprouts.) They offer 2 for 1 mimosas during brunch and for some reason, it’s never overly crowded. Like I said, hidden gem.

2pm: Hop back on your B-cycles and burn some of those brunch calories! Take West End until it turns into Broadway and hang a right on 12th, left on McGavock St, and you’ll practically run right into the new Gulch Greenway. This path is beautifully paved and the perfect spot to cruise on your bike.

3pm: Stride through the Gulch and treat yourself to a midday pick-me-up by grabbing a coffee at Barista Parlor – Golden Sound. If your sweet tooth is kicking in, they have the most delicious homemade strawberry poptarts that can count as dessert instead of breakfast. So. Yum. In beautiful weather, the garage doors will probably be open and you can still find yourself enjoying the fresh air of the fall day from inside.

4pm: Pedal yourselves down to Broadway and find the first available bike rack to return your B-cycles. Once you start bar hopping on rooftops you’ll want to use Uber as your main form of transportation! A 75 degree Sunday is the time I really enjoy hanging out downtown. With a plethora of rooftop bars, you’re sure to stay outside, soak up some sun and partake in some great people watching. Some of my favorite rooftops downtown are: George Jones Museum, Nudie’s Honky Tonk and Famous Saloon.

I hope you take time to enjoy my perfectly curated day of #outdoorlove around Nashville! Our city is full of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful fall weather, so don’t spend too much time indoors while the temps are still nice. Happy Fall and don’t forget to shop local!

Deidre DeFelice can be found spending her days making women feel beautiful and living out her passion for styling hair at the four different Blowout Co. locations. Her love for writing has led to being published on Thought Catalog and her weekly inspiration can be found on her blog, Left to Write

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