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If you look at the timeline of your life, it’s almost like you’ve been writing a book. Each moment or period in your life is a separate chapter, with a new chance for you to test yourself, step outside of your comfort zone, and “live yes.” Each chapter is its own entity—there are some that take awhile to get started, some that are a few pages long, and some chapters that are just always being written.

Looking at the book that you’re currently writing, I think we can all agree that the young adult chapter is a hard one. It’s this weird phase in life when you’re finally stepping out from under the wings of everyone who’s ever protected you and finding your independence in the real world—at least, in theory.

In actuality, everyone in the real world has an opinion about what you do with that newfound independence. Your dad wants you to get a higher paying job, your mom wants you to move closer to home, your best friend wants you to date this guy and talk to that one, your boss wants you to commit more hours to the office, and your roommates want you to go with them to that new bar downtown on Friday night. Sure, all of these people are important and their views on what they imagine for your life should mean something to you—but they shouldn’t mean everything.

The reality of the situation is that you have to remember that it’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes.

In fact, if there is any chapter in your life to be selfish and to focus on you, it’s when you’re young, let alone young and living in Nashville.

This city has so much growth and opportunity—thousands of people are moving here on a daily basis, which makes it easy to get wrapped up in comparison and focus on what everyone else is doing and what everyone else thinks you should be doing in order to get on their level. But what if you stopped focusing on everyone else and what they have to say and just start focusing on you and what makes you happy?

It’s a hard thing to put yourself and your wants and needs at the forefront of your life. But it is so important to take time for you and focus on knowing your self worth.

Because while some chapters of your life will begin and end, the self worth chapter is one that you will write and rewrite, time and time again. Don’t let those pages of your life go to waste.

Here’s how we like to take advantage of all that Nashville has to offer and pamper ourselves:

We know that Nashville is a city with a lot to offer—use it to your advantage and use it for yourself. You deserve it.


R + K

Live Yes Blog was created by Rachel Deeb and Katelyn Lester, two best friends living in Nashville and trying to navigate their twenties. To live yes means to take chances, do the things you’ve been too afraid to do, chase the dreams you’ve been desperate to chase, and ignore the fears and hesitations that have been stopping you. Rachel and Katelyn essentially did all of that by creating their blog — to encourage others and inspire them to do the same. Follow them on Instagram @liveyesblog

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  • Rachel
    October 2, 2017 at 11:07 am

    I thought the ministers tree house was permanently closed! I hope I missed the news they re-opened???

    • creativesoulstribe
      October 3, 2017 at 8:35 am

      Oh no! We hadn’t heard they closed. Let’s hope they reopened, too! Thanks for the heads up, Rachel!