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Netflix and Peace


2010 is a year I will always remember. It was a year of true growth for me. A year earlier I felt as though I was on top of the world, but all of the sudden I hit a wall. My anger got the best of me, and I couldn’t understand why. Through counseling, I realized I had past issues I never dealt with and they had crept their way to my present. I stumbled across the finish line of 2009, but told myself 2010 wouldn’t be the same.

In July of 2010, I took a trip alone to Boston, MA. I look back on that trip and remember how great it was to hop on a plane and not know anyone when I reached my destination. I had another important milestone in 2010. I was reintroduced to my now husband. We reconnected,  and the rest was history.

Why all this talk about 2010? Recently, I decided to start a new series on Netflix. I saw the series Friday Night Lights and remembered watching a few episodes when it first started. The series started in 2010 and with all the changes in my life that year it was no wonder I didn’t keep up with it.

So the other night while Anthony was in Dreamland, I decided to start binging Friday Night Lights. Five minutes into the first episode I remembered the popular quarterback was paralyzed while playing football. Jason Street was an All American boy next door. He was the star football quarterback headed to a top NCAA school. His girlfriend was the head cheerleader, and he was not only “the man” at his school but also in his hometown. With everything going right in Jason’s life he was hit with an unimaginable blow.

Normally seeing something that traumatic at bed time would’ve sent my anxiety through the roof, but this particular night I found peace. Jason had the world in the palm of his hands and in the blink of an eye his whole life changed. It made me think about the things I was stressing and realize that although they were valid concerns none of them could break me.

Peace is defined as freedom from disturbance. It can be fleeting, and most times for me it is. I live with anxiety and some days the smallest thing throws off my peace. So when I get even a tiny second of freedom from disturbance I embrace it and live in it fully. On that particular night Jason Street carried me to peace. The great thing about peace is if we tune in and pay close attention we can find it more often. Don’t be afraid if you find it in an odd place. And always remember you’re worthy of peace!!! Because when we are at peace we’re able to create amazing things.

Recently I found peace through Friday Night Lights, but who knows where my next moment will come from. Whatever or whomever it is I’m open and ready to receive it.

For the record, I’ve also found moments of peace by binge watching Felicity and One Tree Hill.

Sheena Steward is a native of Union City, TN. She has resided in the Middle TN area for the past 15 years. Sheena is an author, creative soul, world changer, thrift store queen, date night enthusiast and advocate. She takes words and creates them into beautiful mental images. Her goal is to make the world a better place.  You can connect with Sheena on Facebook: Sheena Steward or Instagram: @Sheena_Nichelle21 + @love_at_any_stage

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