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Overcoming the Creative Rut

Often one of the biggest things creative people can struggle with is staying positive. It’s easy to let comparison and other factors get in your way. Especially with things like social media where everyone only puts the best version of themselves forward, slipping into a negative mindset is really easy. As a result, we can become stressed out and down on ourselves when we really should be positive.

Sometimes, having a friend to talk to you can be helpful to talk you out of a creative rut. However, if we’re being honest, there are times when it’s way too easy to feel alone, especially if your BFF isn’t available for a life chat. Plus, one of the most important parts in developing a great self care practice is to give yourself tools to tackle any bad day.

For me, I’ve found that starting a quote journal where I write down words of wisdom from other people who have experienced what I have to be the most helpful way of doing this. I’ve been doing this for years and love to use it as not only a source of encouragement for when I’m not feeling creative or confident, but also as a way to find quick inspiration as well.

To start your own quote journal is relatively simple. Buy yourself a brand new journal and dedicate it specifically to quotes. Then, fill the first page right away with your all time favorite quotes for motivation. I think it’s important to write this all by hand so it really feels like you’re speaking to yourself and being mindful. Sometimes even just writing in a new quote into your journal can help you relax and change your mindset about a situation. Over time, as you find more quotes, add them in one-by-one. Don’t feel pressured to fill the entire thing right away. Part of the enjoyment comes from slowly filling it in!

If you get your journal and don’t have any quotes on hand, try searching online for some inspiration. For creatives in particular, I love these creativity quotes specifically from artists. Their wisdom comes from centuries ago, and I find it calming to know that my struggles for perfection are something that people have experienced time and time again. For instance, if I’m getting too wrapped in writing a perfect story, then I love to read the Eugène Delacroix quote that states “The artist who aims for perfection in everything achieves it in nothing.” It reminds that what makes art beautiful—and people in general—is their imperfections!

The reason these quote journals are so effective is because they fill the role of the encouraging best friend, but they put the power in your hands so you can find the words you need to hear right away. Plus, you’re hearing from the people you admire, so it’s a lot like getting wisdom from your role models. And that’s pretty encouraging!

So, if you’re interested in starting a quote journal, get to it! It’s not only easy to upkeep, unlike regular journaling which can turn people off for being so time-consuming, but it makes for a beautiful collection of your favorite words.

Emma is a writer for the Invaluable blog, where she strives to constantly inspire creatives. In her spare time she can be found cuddled up with her two cats or writing her latest creative writing piece.

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