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Overcoming the Valleys to Accomplish Your Goals

Overcoming the valleys

I admired the creek from a distance until I finally had the guts to ask an acquaintance to snap a picture.

I headed in, but took my shoes off too early, and the rocks stabbed my foot. I was hopping around, and she said, “Maybe you should put your shoes back on and move closer to the water.” I felt embarrassed but followed her wise orders.

I stepped into the creek and Brrrr. It was chilly. I slipped on a rock and flailed about. I trudged a little further and rocks began to poke my soles. I almost turned back because this wasn’t what I envisioned. I’d only pictured an Instagram worthy scenery. But thankfully I kept going and made it to a huge, smooth rock. It was steady. It wasn’t slippery, and it didn’t try slice open my feet. It was perfect.

This creek adventure is quite similar to everyday life. I often see the vision but get too excited and jump in before it’s time.

….. And then wonder why things didn’t work out?I was shocked by the temperature because I’d only thought about the beauty of my surroundings. Sometimes, I underestimate the sacrifice it takes to accomplish a goal. Whether it’s owning a biz, losing weight, maintaining relationships — you have to commit and usually give up something to see the reward.

When I slipped on the rock. I wanted to give up. Thoughts of doubt crept in because I’m no wilderness junkie. How many of us leave our dreams right there in the midst of the creek and head back to shore? To the known. The comfortable. We hit one little bump in the road, and we chalk it up as it wasn’t “meant to be.” But y’all, life is hard. By now, we should know a curve ball is coming. We have no idea when it will hit, but we should be prepared for those. at least a little more aware.

And usually right before you reach your breakthrough, you go through hell. Literally. You’re exhausted and tired of fighting. Every move you make isn’t working. You’ve tried every path possible and rocks are cutting your feet. Sometimes I get determined in this stage. Other times I lose steam.

But this day, I was committed and eventually made it to the smooth, steady rock. And you know what? The adventure was worth it. I’d do it again even knowing I’d hit some bumps and rough patches.

I hope this simple story is a reminder that we all struggle. You never know where the piercing rock is lying. Or the one that causes you to lose your balance. But when you feel like your feet are being sliced open, keep going. There’s a perfectly flat rock nearby, you just have to find it.

One thing I’ve learned during all my creek hoppin’ is the necessity of surrounding myself with authentic women who challenge me when I need to hear the truth, uplift me when my spirit is low and those who are there to celebrate the HUGE wins. I’m grateful for that sweet acquaintance who was able to guide me through the rocks. I never would’ve started had it not been for her. Having cheerleaders on the shore is key. Your tribe is important!

You were put on this earth to live a life full of excitement and adventure. We were never promised it would be easy, but it sure is worth it. I’ve chosen to be more than mediocre, and I’m hoping you’ll join me in the creek because I won’t give up on my dreams. I refuse to watch everyone else splish splash around while I sit comfortably on shore.

Written by our co-founder, Sarah Patton, owner of Social Bliss Events.

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