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Peace and Prosperity

As professional women, creatives and business owners we wear many hats and are juggling even more priorities. Making time to center, focus and plan may be last on our list, but organizing our time, lives and objectives is the key to balance and growth.

As an Accountant, my work and world revolves around ordering my clients’ business and financial activity. Organizing comes naturally to me, but even so, I have found myself at times disheveled and out of harmony with my own objectives. It’s at those times I remind myself of a system that I’ve named the Prosperity Cycle, namely:

  • Order
  • Peace
  • Purpose
  • Prosperity

Ordering our steps and lives leads to a Peace that grants the focus to find Purpose that guides to Prosperity, in life, love and business. It sounds so simple, yet not easy to incorporate into our lives or maintain. The Prosperity Cycle is constant and continual because increased abundance and prosperity creates the need for more Order, leading to greater Peace, the need to redefine our Purpose toward increased Prosperity…and so on.

One of the best tools I’ve found for business owners to organize financial activity is QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks helps users categorize income, expenses and create reports to track profit and cash flow. Whether you’re a natural with numbers and can manage your business and do your own bookkeeping or chose to hire someone, having a process in place creates the order that gives peace of mind, clarity and focus that opens the door to business growth.

A simple and beautiful concept, yet not easy to maintain due to the demands and distractions in our own minds, lives and environments. However, as we learn this system of balance and how to apply in our own lives, we open the path to the peace and prosperity we all seek.



Kenya Nelson Stevens holds a MAAC (Master of Accounting.) She is a Principle Accountant and Founder of KNS Solutions, an Accounting, Bookkeeping and Business Consulting Services. Kenya is a mom, loves chatting numbers, and enjoys coffee dates. Connect with Kenya via Facebook.

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