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Peace in Your Life

If you were to google the word, PEACE, it says freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility. Sounds ideal, right? But how do we achieve that in our own lives? We live in an age where we are always on the go. Information is coming at us, so fast, we forget how much stimulus we are being exposed to on a daily basis. Our brain can take in a lot of information but at what cost to our bodies and spirit. With so much technology, at times, I feel added pressure which can disrupt the peace in my life. I have yet to find complete peace but I do know that there are some ways to help achieve it.

Ways to create Peace in your Life


This is typically a difficult one for many us. Balancing home and work can be a challenge. Often times, creating a healthy balance between the two can take years. One way to help produce balance in your life is by creating some sort of schedule. I know, I know, sounds silly but writing your intentions down are important. This can be done by using a planner or even as simple as a daily to do list. Carve out time in your day to complete your work, chores/errands, and also allow some time to rest (cup of coffee in the morning, journaling, going for walk, writing, reading etc). Mapping out your day can help build balance which will lead to more harmony and peace.

Space to Decompress

We each have our own way to decompress from stress. Some like long scenic drives, some like working out, some like escaping by watching a movie. Whatever it is you need to decompress make sure you make it happen. If you don’t have that time for YOU, you will begin to deplete yourself  – which will strip you of your inner peace and also living the best version of yourself.  Fill yourself with the healthy things that bring you joy and tranquility to generate inner peace.

Know your Limits

This can be with friends, family, work, and also with your finances. Surround yourself with those that support and care for you unconditionally. High maintenance friends or family can really add stress to your life and you may need to reevaluate those relationships and limit your exposure. At work, don’t over extend yourself all the time. There will be times when it will be vital to extend ourselves due to a new role or a new project but if possible also try to consider the pros and cons. Next, money. Live within your means. This is a HUGE stressor to many of us. Even getting a bill in the mail can send cortisol through your body which can remove a substantial amount of internal peace.

Finding Refuge

In my opinion, being a part of a community, is a critical part in finding personal peace.  Joining a church group, support groups, common interest groups, etc. can really have a positive impact on your life. We all need positive support and a feeling of belonging. When we become a part of group it gives us emotional strength and with that strength comes peace.

Peace is attainable but it does take some effort to achieve it. It is something to strive for as it brings balance to ourselves, home, work, family, and friends.

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Alley Leto is a Houston based blogger, mom of 3, believer and dreamer that good will prevail. She is a fan of nights that consist of good laughs while sipping on wine.


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