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Recap: Becoming Her

Becoming Her is the most vulnerable event we’ve hosted to date. Upon entrance, we encouraged attendees to write one word that was holding them back.

We know it’s uncomfortable to network and talk with people you don’t know, but we always encourage the tribe to step outside of their safety zone.  Thanks to Danielle Zopf for the One Hope wine.

We’re currently living in the age of carefully curated Instagram feeds. As much as we don’t want to admit it, we’ve all gone down the long, deep, dark rabbit hole that is known as IG comparison. Although, we know that’s not how people look daily, we still find ourselves judging our sweat pants, hair tied, chilling with no make-up to that one girl’s sponsored, styled photo shoot. The truth is, we all have to stop allowing ourselves to get caught up in that sort of madness.

How do we combat these thoughts of comparison and labeling ourselves as less than? Well, I’m glad you asked. Creative Souls was founded to empower women with an intentionality on mind, body and soul. We are a diverse community, and recently embarked on a new journey called Becoming Her. It is an incredibly moving event where we open our hearts and remove those masks we hide behind daily.

Allison Avalon curates the evening and is filled with a vulnerable and inviting energy. She pulls the crowd in by painting a great visual of her morning routine. She’s equipped with a bag of goodies, but no one was prepared for what was to come out of it. We related with her as she talked about straightening her hair, putting on makeup, finding the perfect dress and topping off the outfit with a pair of heels.

After she was dressed to the nines, she slowly started to pull items out of her goody bad and unmask herself. We witnessed as Allison transformed before our eyes and became her true self. She wet her hair, threw on comfortable sweats, and wiped away all the makeup. She then began to drop major truth bombs telling us our values aren’t tied to how we look, but instead it’s all about what’s in our hearts. We all hear the comments when we don’t dress up or wear make-up, but none of that matters if we know who we really are. Allison stood firm and was powerful in her words, letting us know THIS IS THE REAL ME. This is the version of me when I’m most comfortable.

One of the most powerful moments of the night was when Allison broke down how we start to let others label us early in life. The sad part is, most of us continue to believe these labels, because that’s how we were identified in elementary school. We must shed those labels and the negative feelings attached to them.

Allison left us with this thought provoking questions to ponder:

  • What would you do if nobody would judge you?

Are you in your feels yet? But wait, there’s more! Lemon Laine was on site, and provided Kai Natural cleansing wipes to assist with the removing of our make-up.


We had Jamie Glatt from Unmasked Creative perform an original spoken word piece.

Ashley Reale from Love Everywhere told us about her awesome company, and provided us cards to write positive notes to leave throughout the city.

We all sat and openly discussed our fears, our masks, and the things we do to fit in with those curated feeds. The room was filled with women being open, vulnerable and trusting. The grand finale included Christy Shaterian Photography being available to take headshots of everyone in naked face. Yes, beautiful, powerful women that were free from their masks. We ended the night, by mingling and enjoying one another’s company.




Since our first powerful evening, we’ve taken Becoming Her to Belmont University CHAARG and MTSU AOII. Please e-mail us at to bring this impactful event to your group!


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