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Recap: The Well Supported Woman Event

Laura Weldy shared with the tribe –  a Well Supported Woman is unapologetic about living her fullest life, and who refuses to let imagined shame about what she “should” be able to handle or how she “should” behave stand in the way of achieving that. It’s about tapping into the networks around us for the support we need to do our best work – in biz, and in the pursuit of our own personal development.


Being part of a bigger system allows us to succeed beyond what our own individual capacities allow. Women seem to especially struggle with asking for help, often fearing it will make them seem vulnerable or weak. What if we could reframe this conversation, and see it in a different way? What if asking for support allowed us to stay in our zone of genius in both life and business, without allowing the distractions of fear and procrastination to get in our way? What if asking for help allowed us to grow exponentially and still care for our most important resource, our own health and well being?



My three vital truths to being a Well Supported Woman:

  • Truth 1: Regardless of how appealing the myth of the self made girl boss or the struggling artist might sound – it’s not the only or the best way to do business or life. In fact, it’s usually the opposite. 
  • Truth 2: Your number one job for sustainable success in life and business is protecting yourself from burnout. If you burn out in pursuit of your dreams and goals, then they don’t just become difficult – they become impossible. Your hustle is nothing without you behind it. 
  • Truth 3:You can’t rush your dreams through sheer willpower alone. We set the pace and choose what feels good for US. There is nothing else.  When you feel overwhelmed, I challenge you to observe, rather than overwork

Be sure to head over to www.thewellsupportedwoman.com to follow Laura’s work, and to learn more about life coaching with her. Here’s to all of us becoming more Well Supported Women!

In case you missed the evening of F U N, we are extra thankful for: massage + nails by BelleKendra Scott giveaways, Mighty Swell cocktails, Chase Martin’s tunes,  Sukino DesignsLaura Weldy empowering the tribe, and most importantly Christy Shaterian capturing all the fun. Join us for our next event!

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