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Restoring Our Mindset

You look at the clock, it’s 6pm. Another day has gone by and still nothing is different. How did a whole day slip away with nothing solid to report?

You think back to this morning….maybe you did procrastinate a bit when you scrolled through your social media profiles instead of reaching out to the contacts that you gathered at your last vendor fair you worked. I mean, I’m sure they were busy, too. I can always call them tomorrow and I was legitimately scoping the leads on my ‘Gram’.

We all do it. We block our success. It never fails for me that as soon as I feel like I’m about to soar and reach a new level of business growth, that pesky nemesis, self-sabotage, creeps in and the doubts start swirling through my mind. It’s a pattern that we all face, and it can happen in any area of your life.

My dating life was no exception before I finally got real with myself and opened up to the possibility of true love. Honest love that we all deserve. The same applies to our passions in life. We all possess a gift that we are meant to share with the world, and after we accept that our path might not look like the rest (trust me, if you’re reading this and part of the Creative Souls Tribe, I can assure you that your path is most certainly a unique one and that’s ok!).

 It all starts with our mindset, which can change our whole perspective on a dime. Take some time to reflect on how far you’ve come already. The connections you’ve made, the money you’ve made, even just saying “I’m taking the leap and quitting my corporate job” or “ There’s more for me in this life and I’m about to go find it”. Sticking with this mindset requires intentional effort. It’s important to surround yourself with people who are also pursuing their real passions in life (hello, Tribe!). It’s also important to fill your head with positive reinforcement (blogs, books, podcasts, whatever speaks to you and keeps you going). It’s like exercise, you have to retrain your brain to focus on the good and to stick with it. Remind yourself of your “Why” and remember THAT when you’re tired, lost, or feel like you just can’t smile and talk to one more person at a networking event.

When I get the self-doubts or feel like I’ve seen one too many negative comments about (duh duh duuuuh) MLM’s, I remind myself that I truly enjoy helping people to feel better (emotionally, physically, mentally) and that I’ve made some of the most amazing connections while on this journey. Sometimes, we feel stuck, and it’s inevitable. This is your reminder that it’s ok, we all get stuck sometimes, and we can all work our way out of that feeling and into a better mindset. You have to dig deep to mine your inner diamond, but the world is so ready to see you shine! We need your gifts. We need your talent.

Now, take some time today to reflect on your “Why” and how far you’ve come already (even the baby steps- it all counts). You’ll get there! The journey is what it’s all about anyway.

Kat Alexander started out in Media and Marketing, which brought her to Nashville seven years ago. over the past few years, she has developed a bigger passion for songwriting and helping people navigate their emotions with essential oils. She loves going to music festivals and shows around town, writing music with her husband, and connecting people.  A cheerleader for the creative soul and a lover of love. You can reach Kat at katsessentials20@gmail.com or social media handles below:


IG: https://www.instagram.com/kats_essentials/?hl=en


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