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September Event Recap: Dare to be ME

In September, we had a great time at WeWork’s East Nashville location. Upon arrival, each guest completed a name tag writing only first names + one word that describing their uniqueness. A few included – motivator, innovator, smile, compassionate and determined. The ladies were asked to grab a puzzle piece to remind us that we are apart of a bigger picture. Your piece is needed to complete the puzzle. You are welcome and belong in this community.

Guests enjoyed bites + sip provided by WeWork and a special donation of  Vui’s Kitchen tofu wraps.

We heard heartfelt confessions and amazing stories by Nancy Assouad, Alison McGilchrist, and Samantha Nelson facilitated by Adrienne Graves. (pictured below L to R) The women shared highs and lows in their life. There was open dialogue on extra martial affairs, reaching heights in careers, and thoughts of not feeling good enough. Our balloons from Shindigs and Celebrations + Project Girl added a pop of color and lined the stage.

All the ladies were given a chance to interact in small groups and share their own highs and lows.

Everyone met our vendor of the evening,  Jessica A. Brooks, who helps people find strength, restored balance and to explore their feelings to begin the healing process as a life and grief coach.

We were extremely blessed to see such a common yet diverse group of ladies show up and will definitely continue our focus on diversity, inclusion and being a group of all ages, races, and titles!

To be honest, we feel like this event might have been hard for some to open up to strangers and want to be clear that sharing is ALWAYS optional. We strive to cultivate intentional business relationships and networking while also providing safe places for personal growth.

We are learning and growing as we go, too!

Thank you all so much for continuing to show up and being a part of this Tribe. We hope to see you at an upcoming event soon.

Thanks to Daisy Burgeis (@daisyalexandria) for writing this month’s event recap! Photos by Christy Shaterian Photography 

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