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February is all about love. All too often we are spreading the love to those friends, family, coworkers, and strangers around us every day, but forgetting to love on our A-1 since Day 1, ourselves. Loving yourself doesn’t only mean making time daily for self-care, self-love is about embracing, and appreciating, your now.

Through years and years of struggling with loving my now, I have found myself expressing my self-love through my style. Everyday, I wake up and have the powerful choice to be my own walking billboard. What do I want to tell the world today through my clothes? Though I can’t control how others perceive me, I am in complete control of what others observe, what assets I want to highlight or hide, what colors or shapes convey my mood. I think this is why it’s difficult for me to describe my style. My style is ever-evolving with my moods and life experiences. Expressing my self and emotions through my style has helped me welcome, value, love, and dress for my now.

Don’t dress for anyone else. Be true to your style, your body shape, and most importantly, your self. If you don’t feel 100% you and confident in the newest trend, forget it.  Don’t just wear something because it’s on every fashion blogger on Instagram or someone else said you should.

Know what colors, shapes, and styles look good on your figure. Take a look at your wardrobe and pull out some of your favorite pieces. Are there any similarities in the colors, cut, shapes? Did you pull out all dresses? Does a particular cut flatter your rockin’ and strong shoulders or maybe your favorite wrap dress accentuates your waist and curves? Look at the similarities between these pieces, if any, and look for similar cuts, styles, and colors on future shopping trips. Being in a style rut can really wear on your self-confidence. We’ve all been there before. Wearing the same black pants and flowy top to hide your “imperfections” every night you go out. Even slight changes to your wardrobe can have a positive impact on your self-image. It is essential to know what pieces flatters your body type and more importantly, what makes you feel like the confident, gorgeous, and fierce woman you are!

No matter what your now looks like, you can harness your personal style to cultivate and feed your self-love. The great philosopher Deion Sanders once said, “Look good. Feel good. Play good.” I agree, Deion. I agree.

Betsy is her name. Thrifting is her game. An attorney by day and blogger by night, Betsy is navigating adulthood with champagne taste on a beer budget. She recreates fashion’s latest trends with finds from local Goodwills. When not perusing the racks of the local Goodwills, Betsy is cheering on the Vols, hanging with her cat,  or eating her way through Nashville one hot chicken sandwich at a time. For more style tips, visit Betsy at or @goldwilldigger on Instagram or Facebook.

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