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The Beauty of EmpowHER

What do you seek in times of trouble?
Who do you reach out to in times of need?
What sets your soul on fire?
Who do you look up to?
What is your power?

As a giver (like most of this Special Tribe) I have spent a lot of my life giving away my power, trying to please and not let down parents, teachers, partners, friends, bosses…. don’t get me wrong I LOVE pleasing, helping, being challenged to grow and learn, but there are these very unclear lines most people refer to as boundaries…

I could spend months typing and have spent months talking about this intense grey area, and we could dig super deep and get real personal but instead I’ll offer this analogy…

A beauty blogger you love hosts a make-up tutorial. You really want this amazing new product she uses, but it costs $1,000. For me, this is a clear boundary. I cannot physically afford to cross it. We all have many ideas on how to make it ours. Maybe you ask your parents, a spouse, work extra hours or use a credit card. You may think obtaining the product empowers you. But in my opinion, it is empowering because you had to do something hard to get it. Swallowing your pride to ask parents, having the courage to tell someone important your desires,  or putting in the time and hard work for the extra money. We choose who and what we give our power to.

For me WILLPOWER doesn’t mean much until you are EMPOWERED from it.

People that are successful at regularly working out (no matter if they are a weight lifter, runner, yogi, or dancer) push through because of the empowerment they feel. They focus on overall health and their feelings, not a number on a scale. They don’t get discouraged from projected goals.

Life doesn’t usually go as we plan, but having the ability to adapt and see the beauty in ourselves and everyone else, focusing on the good, letting go of the bad, not sweating the small stuff, trusting your support system because you trust yourself, having endless grace for you and those around you can definitely empower you to continue to put your best effort forward. Whether you are facing a career change, breakup, family problems, or friendship drama I encourage you to answer the intro questions with these definitions in mind.

Feel free to stop reading, get a pen, open a browser…

EMPOWER – to give authority or power to; to enable or permit

EMPOWERMENT– the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights; authority or power given to someone to do something

We may have relationships or be apart of a society that makes us feel that being empowered is wrong, but I am here to say there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you or you believing in you! We have fought the inner dialogue of worrying about what people are going to think for following our heart and dreams. We have overcome so much already.

The only thing you have control of in this life is your peace, love, and joy.

I believe small movements and adjustments make BIG differences.

What adjustments or boundaries do you need to take or put in place to protect your precious heart, to feel confident and empowered?


Daisy is an adventure and empowering exercise enthusiast who teaches yoga, makes + sells jewelry, and works for SuperLoveTees. She helps curate our tribe’s health, wellness and fitness events by focusing on the body, mind and spirit connection. Daisy strives to help CST provide fun, intentional, and somewhat unconventional activities. You can contact her at DaisyAlexandriaDesigns@gmail.com for any ideas, thoughts, opportunities, or needs!

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