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The Business of Every Body

As entrepreneurs, it’s more than easy to get stuck in our heads. Our big, beautiful brains strategize launches, market offerings, and conceptualize growth. Especially in our digital age, where a lot of our business is done through email or online, we can forget about everything below the neck altogether.

Sometimes, this is great. It means, as women, that we’re not bound by the physical beauty norms expected of us. It means we can focus solely on doing the work, instead of power suits or stilettos. But when we lose connection with our bodies, we lose connection with ourselves on deep, intrinsic level.

On a basic level, the way we stand in a meeting, physically taking up space, speaks for itself. The way we pace a boardroom, the steadiness or our gaze, all these aspects tell people how to treat you as much or more than the words you say.

Ever heard the terms, follow your heart or trust your gut? There’s a reason those are not housed up top, swirling in our minds. These things also have nothing to do with your height, race, weight or any other of the magazine termed “body” factors they tell us to fix about ourselves. Being in our bodies doesn’t mean we have to wear makeup (or refuse to!), it means trusting your intuition and allowing your body to work for you.

In order to do that, however, we have to trust our bodies – not ten pounds from now – but in this moment. I’m not going to lie, it is hard, continual work to unlearn all the “fixes” and “flaws” that we’ve been fed our entire lives. What I can tell you though, is that living with your body, instead of fighting it, is so worth it.

Body confidence and charisma are difficult to fake, but the good news is that by simply grounding yourself internally, and assuming power stances externally, are enough to retrain yourself into more confidence and charisma.

Grounding can be as simple as closing your eyes while lying down and feeling the tips of your toes, your heels, your calves, etc. finding each body part and sending energy there. If you can’t find something loving to send to a particular body part, just wish it good health. We all want good health.

Externally, let’s take up more physical space. Taking on the “Wonder Woman” stance – legs wide, hands on hips, chest and head held high – is statistically proven to make you feel more confident and able to take risks.

No matter where you’re at in your business and in your body, give yourself good health.

I’m here to tell you that all of you is perfect. Don’t believe the bull and don’t buy into anyone that sells it. You are a goddess, not when you lose ten pounds or tone up or “fix” yourself. Right now, in this moment, know that you don’t owe your body to anyone’s ideas but your own.


Freya West is an award-winning performer, teacher & writer. Headlining Iceland’s first burlesque show in 2011, Freya is a sought after performer & teacher at festivals across the Southern US. Freya has represented international brands including Dos Equis Most Interesting Show in the World & MAC Viva Glam. Her writing on body image & burlesque has been featured in numerous publications including the Huffington Post. Freya is the headmistress of Delinquent Debutantes, Nashville’s burlesque studio.

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