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The Path of the Heart

“Follow your heart”. We see it everywhere on social media, greeting cards, texts from our friends when we’re having a tough time… “Follow you heart.” It’s such a common phrase, but is it something that we are able to actually live by? And even if we wanted to, is it something we really know how to do? 

With the constant incoming opinions and judgments of others, advice from our family and friends and the overall image society tells us we have to strive for, how can we possibly follow our heart’s message or even really know what its message is? 

Your heart communicates in it’s own language that can only be heard and understood by YOU. It speaks to you using joy, excitement and peace as indicators of the path you are meant to follow. It’s that internal intuition. We all feel it and we all know what it feels like to be excited, joyful and at peace. Yet, too often, we second guess the feelings or we allow the thoughts and opinions of others to shift our direction and quiet that inner compass telling us where to go. 

I believe that we are all here to follow a specific path that is mapped out perfectly for us by the joys and desires of our hearts. We are all here with the opportunity to experience life to the fullest, living with an abundance of happiness, gratitude and awe for what we get to do each day, knowing that it is in line with our heart’s path. All we have to do is listen and have the courage to follow it, even when it doesn’t make sense at that moment or is judged negatively by others or even ourselves. 

It has become a common phrase in my household when needing to make a big (or little) decision. “What feels exciting?”. “What is your excitement telling you?”. It sort of takes the common “What does your gut say?” phrase a step further. By taking a moment or two to check in with our hearts (our life compass) and quiet the mind as much as possible, we can start to feel which direction or choice brings us the most excitement. You know that bubbly feeling inside that makes you crack a smile? That’s the one. 

Whatever it is, even if it seems crazy at that moment, LISTEN to it! When your heart shows you the way, have the faith to know that IT IS FOR A REASON and you will most certainly be guided and supported on the path that it is leading you on. It will always lead you to the experiences you need to have and to a life that you can be totally in love with because you know that you are following your highest calling.

But what if it’s totally crazy?! Or scary?! Or I don’t know how it’s going to work out?! Or.. OMG totally unrealistic?! Be brave Babes. TRUST your heart. If this is new to you, it might take some practice to gain that trust. 

Here’s an example: A few years back I was in need of a job. Like, big time. I had followed my crazy heart to pack up and move to a new city, specifically in Hawaii, where I knew no one. It had been a few weeks, and I was really needing to make some progress with getting a good job. After weeks of searching for the right one, I hit my breaking point. I’m talking crying and calling my Mom kind of breaking point. After a small melt down, I re-centered myself and decided to move on with my day, trusting that I would be shown the way. At that moment I said, “You know what? I need some chocolate. I was excited about chocolate. My mind said, “That’s a bad choice and unhealthy.” My heart said, “Go get some chocolate.” So, in an attempt to continue following my excitement, I walked over to the store to buy some. Well, as I was standing in line to pay, a nice man behind me in line struck up conversation and offered to give me a ride to my next destination. I took the ride and we got to talking. I told him I was job searching and that I had just moved there. He said “Oh, you need a job? I can help with that! Just go online and fill out this application. I’ll take care of the rest.” Turns out he had contacts at one of the most desired places to work in the area. Three weeks later I was done interviewing and starting my new job. The exact job I had been wanting all along, btw. 

It isn’t always going to make sense in that moment. How could a person ever plan that following the excitement to get a pack of chocolate could lead to a dream job? We can’t, but that’s the thing about it all. We can’t see what’s in store for our future or the amazing things we will get to experience if we follow the path of our hearts. All we can do is trust and follow our excitement each step of the way towards the life we dream of. 

Hold the vision of what you desire to create in life and let your heart lead the way. It always knows where to go. 

Bailee is a certified detoxification specialist living on the Big Island of Hawaii. Her mission is to help as many people as possible experience health, happiness and fulfillment! She does in person coaching and also video and phone sessions. Connect with Bailee on Instagram at @hawaiibailee

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