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Tribette to Watch: Ashley Reale

It’s February! For some of us it’s the month when the newness of the new year has worn off, and you noticed you’ve already fallen short on your new year’s resolutions. Then you think, “crap, Valentine’s Day is in two weeks, and I haven’t had a Valentine’s Date in two years”. Hey sis, before you head down that dreadful rabbit hole of despair, let me give you a little sunshine and motivation by introducing you to this month’s tribette to watch. It’s her life’s mission to “Share Love Everywhere.”

In the fall of 2009, Love Everywhere Founder, Ashley Reale, was wondering: “What if one tiny act of kindness could change a life?” So, she started to share love with strangers through hidden notes of encouragement, leaving these notes behind everywhere she went. In 2014, she launched a website, and, with the help of a team of ambassadors and an enthusiastic social media community, over 15,000 notes have now been distributed worldwide.

Each note is hand-stamped and numbered for tracking. And each note contains a handwritten message, resurrecting an art form largely lost in today’s digital age. And the really amazing part? These notes have the potential to not only to travel the world as note finders “pay it forward,” but to let people know they are seen, heard, and loved. Can a tiny note do all of this?

Since it’s the month of love we asked Ashley how we can learn to love on ourselves. Are you sitting down? I’m asking because she dropped some serious gems on us. Ashley wants us to know we can practice self-love by loving ourselves the way we love others. Yeah, you know how you love your girlfriends so much you’ll drop everything to be at her side, but then won’t buy a ticket to that conference that could take you to the next level. She wants us to not sell ourselves short and trust the process. Even if we fail there’s a self-love lesson to be learned. “How you fail and what you learn during the process (that you will carry into your next adventure) is where the magic is”. Told you she had some fire for us!

But wait there’s more…Ashley and I discussed challenges and how we can work to overcome them. “My biggest challenge is having confidence in my business. I find myself always trying to downplay it like it’s just a hobby or “a little project I work on” rather than proudly saying to people, “Hey, I’m Ashley, Founder of Love Everywhere. Look at this amazing company I have created! Own who you are and don’t operate out of fear”.

Ladies, this month of love is going to be magical! Head to Ashley’s website and purchase super cute swag + get cards so you can share love everywhere. On the days, when you’re feeling down practice self-love and write a card to the most important person in your life, YOU!

We’ll be back next month with another tribette to watch. If there is someone you think we should highlight please let us know.

Happy Love Month!

Connect with Ashley on Instagram at @shareloveeverywhere or check out her shop + blog. Tribette to Watch is written by committee member + blogger, Sheena Steward. You can connect with Sheena on Instagram at @love_at_any_stage.

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