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Tribette to Watch: Jill Merkel


How does that song go…every day we’re hustling’. Yep, that’s just what we do! We wake up, thank God, get some coffee in our system and we hit the ground running. We all have goals and dreams we’re constantly chasing, but what happens when one of them comes true? We need our tribe to still support and encourage us through this unchartered territory.

Before I get too ahead of myself I’d like to introduce you to Jill Merkel. Jill is this month’s Tribette to Watch! She’s a total boss babe that is killing the game right now. Jill is a Registered Dietitian (RD) & Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD) specializing in sports & performance nutrition. She has a Master of Science in nutrition with an emphasis in sports nutrition from the University of Utah. She currently resides in Nashville, TN running a private practice sports nutrition business.

Jill’s previous work includes the University of Utah, University of Louisville and University of Virginia educating and motivating athletes to use nutrition to improve performance and enhance recovery. She’s also worked with athletes of all ages (youth, high school, collegiate, professional, and adult exercisers) as the Performance Dietitian for EXOS (formerly Athletes’ Performance) at Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center in Minneapolis to provide nutrition education and consultation to help them reach their full potential.

If you’re not already inspired by Jill *DRUM ROLL PLEASE* she was recently hired as the nutrition consultant for the Tennessee Titans. Jill will be helping the Titans’ players with nutrition and weight management so they can kick butt on the field and make us Music City Maniacs proud. Jill has conquered one of her BIG dreams, and now more than ever she needs support and encouragement from the tribe.

A few parting words from Jill…Let others know what you are up to and what you are working towards. I have had so many wonderful opportunities since moving to Nashville and starting my own practice. This is in part because I put myself out there – online and in person reaching out to others, attending networking events, etc. Once people knew that I was open to opportunities, I was surprised at the ones that appeared! It’s so important to build relationships and connections; that is truly where opportunities happen more often than finding a random job posting online. And one of her favorite quotes is, “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there” – Unknown”

Connect + congratulate with Jill on Instagram at @runeatsnap. Tribette to Watch is written by committee member + blogger, Sheena Steward.

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