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Tribette to Watch: Julie Sellers

Have you ever met one of those people that effortlessly commands attention when they walk in a room? You know the kind of person that possesses such style and grace which makes other gravitate to them.  If you don’t know the type of person I’m speaking of then, 1. You need a new circle 2. You’re in luck because this month’s tribette to watch is all of that and then some.

Let me introduce you to Julie Sellers, but I’ll warn you your socks are able to be knocked off!! After a bold move from Europe to the US, Julie Sellers founded Ellevated Outcomes to offer a new service specifically for creative entrepreneurs: customized business strategy and advice that will change the trajectory of their businesses and lives. In early 2017 Julie completed her Executive MBA in Paris, France while simultaneously building a multi-million-dollar financial services business in London, England. Prior to London, Julie resided in Boston, Massachusetts where she advised c-suite executives on where to expand their business internationally, what new products should grow their company’s portfolio, and how to streamline sales and operations to increase revenue while decreasing effort. After years spent developing her personal business strategy, 2017 presented the perfect opportunity to take action. Julie packed up her family and moved to Nashville, Tennessee to execute her years-in-the-making plan. Nashville was the ideal place to build a company that married Julie’s love of business and unique international experience with a longing to work with creatives. (It’s also a great place for sunshine, running, and eating – Julie’s favorite pastimes). As a lifelong student of business, Julie asks “Why?” until she’s explored every possibility, taking no assumptions for granted. She does things deeply and well in lieu of skimming the top. Most importantly, she revels in helping others visualize a future that is aligned with personal and professional goals, then devising a strategy, action plan, and accountability to get them there.

What is it like creating a new life/business in Nashville?

Launching my “Phase II” of life in Nashville has been wonderful. Of course, there have been distinct ups and downs, not always feeling wonderful. First, there was the honeymoon period where everything was bright and shiny. Then, reality set in, as I was finding a routine, building my company, and buying a house. As you can imagine, these were all major, complex undertakings, so it felt like there was limited accomplishment happening in life and work.

Even though tough days are still sprinkled into life (of course!), I’m feeling very peaceful and great about life. I’ve lived in Nashville for almost six months, and “flow” here has happened more quickly for me than it has in the other cities, so I am relieved and thrilled. Business is steadily increasing, home life is getting cozier, and my connections and communities are thriving. I’m forming a clear idea of why I’m here, which is private for now 🙂 but meaningful and exciting.  I am very thankful to be here.

Advice you’d give the tribe to help them crush their goals?

Oh gosh, I should first tell you that people come to me when they want radical honesty. Friends and clients don’t come to me to feel coddled; they ask for my advice when they want some hard truths that will push them to perform better (so if you don’t want that, stop reading – ha!). Here it goes…

I guarantee that 80-90% of the people reading this have endless to-do lists that are filled with the wrong tasks, which are taking them further from their goals, not closer. To get yourself realigned with the right things, I’d recommend:

First of all, get crystal clear on your top three goals / guiding priorities in life and work. Three should be your absolute maximum number at any one time (not three in work and three in life; three period). Any more, and you’re diluting your efforts and effectiveness.

Once you have those, pause and ask yourself “why” you’re doing each thing you do on a daily basis. If your task list doesn’t directly map back to your top three, drop it. The biggest mistake I see people making is executing their to-do list, without evaluating why they’re doing what they’re doing and how the list is aligned with their personal strategy.  If you can follow these two (simple, but not always easy) steps, I guarantee that you’ll do fewer things with bigger impact, leaving your goal #crushed

What’s a motto you live by?

“Winners love to see other people win.” – Charlene Johnson

Connect with Julie on Instagram at @julie_lynne_sellers. Tribette to Watch is written by committee member + blogger, Sheena Steward. You can connect with Sheena on Instagram at @love_at_any_stage. Photography by our main girl, Christy Dux.

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