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Tribette to Watch: Sarah Arace

Hey Tribettes, were back with another Tribe Spotlight. It’s officially Fall, and that means pumpkin EVERYTHING, corn mazes, haunted houses, comfy clothes and getting with your girls to strategize or a warm firepit. Just like those comfy clothes and firepit make you feel warm and fuzzy inside so does powerful art. We’re shining this month’s spotlight on a true creator!

Sarah Arace is an artist who enjoys expressing herself through many different types of media including: drawing, painting, photography, animation and mixed media. Sarah was raised in Huntington West Virginia, and currently resides in Nashville, TN with her husband and three dogs. Her inspiration and passion for art comes from life experiences like being a single mother at the age of 16, overcoming life’s obstacles and embracing her imperfections. She appreciates any opportunity to inspire, create art and empower people.

As an artist, Sarah is living, thriving and creating beautiful images in Nashville. She finds the feeling of freedom through creating art and believes her good days are intensified through art. It also has the power to turn around a bad day. Sarah compares art to playing outside in the summer rain as a child, and she believes Nashville has introduced a deeper understanding of art, emotions and sharing experiences with others.

We all have mottos we lean on during this rollercoaster called life, and Sarah has blessed us with a few of hers:

  1. Wait and see if someone smiles with their eyes before you believe what’s coming out of their mouth
  2. You learn more lessons from poor decisions
  3. Embrace your imperfections

She wanted to leave us with a little bit of magic for tackling the month of October. “I advise everyone to be aware of your thoughts and who you surround yourself with because they will pull you down or lift you up. I feel support and inspiration in every little corner of the city, and that’s very important for me as a creative person.”

Tribe, be on the lookout for Sarah and her amazing art throughout the city this fall! {Hint: chalk art}

Connect + congratulate with Sarah on Instagram at @sarah_arace_artist. Sarah’s art is featured above. Tribette to Watch is written by committee member + blogger, Sheena Steward. You can connect with Sheena on Instagram at @love_at_any_stage.

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