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What If D(if)ferent Was The Way?

What if we saw “different” differently?

What if different wasn’t something that stood to separate us, but instead brought us together?

What if different meant beautiful, valuable and meaningful?

What if different was necessary?

What if different had no context of being bad or wrong?

What if different was valued highly for what it brought to the community?

What if different was the way to change the world?

What if the answers to all your questions are already here,  you just need to recognize them?

What if the answers are found in something different?

What if we spoke to our friends, lovers, kids and co-workers about our gifts and challenges rather than about our goals and accomplishments?

What if we were honest with ourselves about what challenges us?

What if we stopped trying to impress each other?

What if we stood fully in our truth?

What if we weren’t afraid to share what challenges us? 

What if spoke less about our success and more about what excites us?

What if we truly owned what we were good at?

What if we brought to each moment what we have to give?

What if we dreamed big and took small actions daily to move toward them?

What if we dared to change the world by changing ourselves?

What if we stopped working solely for money?

What if we started working “soul-y” and also made money?

What if we dared to be exactly who we are called to be? 

What if wild dreams could come true?

What if you never tried to live your dream?

What if you never tried to change the world?

What if you bought into all of your so-called limitations?

What if you didn’t?

What if you choose to only give your attention to that which feeds your well-being?

What if you ignored the voices that say, “It can’t be done”?

What if you ignored the advertisement that say you are not enough?

What if you decided to stand out?

What if you changed the world, because you embraced everything that makes you different?

Lindsey Nicole believe’s there is always JOY in the JOurneY, you just have to know how to look for it. She began seeking joy and inner peace in 2012, while facing the devastation of divorce, depression, debt and the diagnosis of her son with Autism. She shares insights about the process of spiritual transformation on her podcast “Joy More. Fear Less.” and she writes about how she found Joy in the Journey of Autism at her blog CountryMusicKid.com and  www.rebeljoyfully.comLindsey lives in Northern California with her son Jacob. You can connect with Lindsey at @rebeljoyfully

*Picture Credit: Christy Shaterian Photography 

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