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Why Are You Listening to Lies and Limitations?

I’ve told a lot of lies in my life.

Let me tell you what I mean.

I’ve never been the creative type. I am good at math. And science. And since it’s “unusual” for a female to excel in those areas, I don’t want to “waste” that natural ability. Because that would be selfish, right? And because, like I said, I am logic-minded – that is my lane and that only makes sense for me to take that path.

I’m not creative because I am logical.

In the two years since I last told myself that (which I’m claiming will be the final time), I have started a creative marketing agency expressing the stories of unique brands through compelling word, clever visual, and captivating audio.

This is not at all to be a story full of brag-a-docious-ness (totally a word, right?), but it is to show a stark difference in what we tell ourselves vs what we are truly capable of achieving.

Can you relate?

The narratives we tell ourselves can be limiting. And the crazy part is that most times, it’s difficult to even identify the narrative as limiting because it isn’t inherently ‘bad.’ Telling myself that I am logic minded and good at math is not intrinsically a bad – or even untrue – thing. But it is, indeed, a limiting thing.

I’ve told a lot of lies in my life. But no longer. 

These lies were to myself. But lies nonetheless. As if being ‘logic-minded’ meant, by default, that I was not creative. Because I was ‘X’ I was therefore not ‘Y.’

Friend – what are you claiming that you ‘are’ today – and so, by default, are also telling yourself you are ‘not’? Are you creative, and therefore telling yourself you are not great at business? Did you begin with a small start, and therefore, believe that you will always remain there? Do you struggle with anxiety, and therefore, are certain you will you never be a ‘free spirit’?

I’m throwing the challenge flag on this one. We CAN be creative AND good at calculus. You can be a great mom AND create a thriving business. You CAN have big dreams AND keep it as a side hustle until the time is right.

What can you create once you carve yourself out of that limiting mindset?

Take a peek at your default thoughts and narratives. Honor them for how they have helped you survive and proceed this far in life. And also realize you don’t have to categorize and compartmentalize yourself. If these narratives no longer serve you, it’s okay, and it’s time, to release them and swap them for an abundance mindset.

Elizabeth is a marketing creative, with a niche in podcasting, that provides her clients with strategy, energy, and authority to reach their ideal audience. She’s also an Enneagram 5, so be ready for her to ask you all the questions when you meet. Follow her at:

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