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The key to maintaining a genuine interest in working out is to switch it up and keep it fun by trying new things.  Sticking to the same workout can get old really quick.  Trying new workouts will not only keep you interested, but it also keeps your body guessing which will remove the monotony of working out.

After some research into local studios I found two yoga practices that caught my attention.  Both focused on practices I had never tried so it was a perfect opportunity to veer out of my comfort zone and support local.  Being an entrepreneur, I support local when possible. I decided upon Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga and Music based Yoga.

The Hot Room and Wellness Center completely blew me out of the park. Kyle and the team go out of their way to make you feel at home.  The Hot Room and Wellness Center is a cozy studio located in the Cool Springs – Brentwood area. Hot Yoga was no where near what I had imagined.  Obviously, hot yoga is included in the name but once you get past the heat you are good to go.

Hot Yoga taught me to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Even though I had been practicing Yoga for years I was not prepared for this at all.  The heat was the first barrier I had to overcome followed by the sweat.  Yes, heat and sweat go hand in hand but the benefits are well worth it. You will be tempted to wipe off that sweat. Don’t do it! This is how your body regulates its temperature. The heated room allows your body to stretch safely, tone, relieve stress, and detoxify.  You will be able to sink deeper into the postures a lot easier than in traditional yoga practices.

Inner Light Yoga has a clean aesthetic and energetic team that complement the vivacious beats.  There is no other yoga studio like this in Nashville so the only way to understand how it flows is by trying it out. I found the music helped drive the flow and my practice.  What I had originally envisioned as a potential distraction was far from it. The music aided the flow nicely and guided a smooth transition into the next.  You will leave with a beaming yoga face and that is awesome if you ask me.

Yes, Music Based Yoga is an actual practice and there is no way to accurately describe it unless you try it out for yourself. It sits on the opposite spectrum of what many envision as yoga. Most practices are accompanied by a rhythmic melody of instrumental elements while the music based yoga is driven my contemporary music. Inner Light Yoga creates dynamic playlists that set the tone for each class.  Emmy and her team are upbeat and adorable to say the least. Definitely check out their themed classes to get that blood pumping and relaxation at the same time.

I found more than just a workout at these two studios. They were a place to disconnect from the day-to-day and learn about more than just a posture. Both practices taught me to live in the moment regardless of being guided by the 26+2 moving meditation or a vinyasa practice to a fun music soundtrack.  These studios taught me to control my reaction to the world around me instead of trying to control what was around me.  We often waste so much time and energy frustrated with the things that are beyond our control.  I left each session empowered.  I learned that the classes did not change the outcome of my day but shifted my reaction to situations.

We often find ourselves living in the past or future but rarely allow ourselves to live in the present. It’s okay to just be. We need to embrace the moment at hand for it is fleeting.  We must embrace the good and the yucky so we can move forward.  It can be challenging to allow ourselves to just be in the moment, but that is the only way we can identify what is going on and deal with it.

Step outside of your comfort zone and try a new workout.  You will never know the lessons you can learn until you try. Nashville offers an array of diverse options. Bring a friend or make one there when you arrive.  No big deal!

Tania is a jack of all trades that is committed to seeing good prevail in the world one deed at a time. She is fueled by coffee, her love of brunch, travel and photography which inspired her to document her travels via Citizen Unplugged. Tania is an entrepreneur and bilingual travel blogger who was raised in Puerto Rico but admits to falling in love with Nashville. She is the co-owner of Lot 1628, an independent design studio for creative apparel and prints.  You can follow Tania and her endeavors on Instagram @CitizenUnplugged and @Lot1628 or read her blog.

*Photographer credit: Christy Shaterian

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