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You Belong Here. And We Belong Together!

You belong. Always have, always will. And not because I say so – but simply because you do. You were created to be here, in this universe, exactly as you are. No questions asked. You are wonderful and welcome and celebrated with no modifications necessary. Sometimes it may feel like the world is telling you that you have to change things about yourself to fit in and be accepted, but your worth is innate and you always have value no matter what your circumstances, past or present, may be.

With billions of people in the world, sometimes it can be hard to find “your place” or “your people”. But never question if all of this is meant to be. You are doing your best, and things do tend to work out. Your existence is exquisite. It’s easier to connect with others in a variety of situations when you are confident. That being said, it’s natural to have doubts, but I hope that you know deep inside that you belong…and I hope you never question if you belong.

Learning to love ourselves and find our voices is not the type of transformation that happens overnight. And nobody can do it for you – but you can receive a lot of encouragement from others as you begin to believe that you belong. If someone smiles at you, smile back. And remember that all relationships and friendships are a two-way street. Sometimes you should initiate that smile exchange! Who knows if the other person may be feeling left out, down, or on the fringe. How amazing would it be for you to make a positive impact and transform that person’s day by doing such a simple act that lets the other person know that they belong? We’re in this together. And as you become more self-assured, you can be a bright spot for others who may be working on developing their sense of self-worth.

Let’s be welcoming to each other. Let’s include each other. We all have more in common than not, but differences are by no means a bad thing – they are what make us special and unique. We all belong. We all have something to offer. And nobody can do what you do quite the way you do it! You being here, doing what you do, adds value. You’re irreplaceable.

Maybe you believe all of this when you read it. But what happens when you say it out loud? Try it. Say “I belong.” Say “My existence is exquisite.” (Yes, that one’s a tongue-twister…but it’s still true!) Say “I’m irreplaceable.” How does it feel to hear yourself say these things? Maybe a little bit weird. But maybe the more you say it, the more you’ll believe it. I promise that it’s all true.

And for as much as you belong here, we belong together! So much good can come from community and building relationships. We’re all in this together and we’ve got to look out for and help each other. 

Just by reading this blog post, you’re part of a community of incredible women who do good and see good. You’re certainly welcome here.

Rebecca Thomas is an Atlanta native and UGA grad rooted in reality, but at the same time is eternally optimistic and always confident that the best is yet to come. Her passions include spending quality time with friends, making others feel valued, going on long walks, volunteering, mental health advocacy, and writing. To read more from Rebecca, follow @grace_grit_grits…or check out @rethomas to see a day in the life!

*photo by Christy Shaterian Photography 

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